Multi-developer environment and App IDE: Tools for building robust apps

Multi-developer environment features make collaborative app development a breeze.

Zoho Creator empowers developers by providing a state-of-the-art IDE, auditing utilities, compartmentalized development and testing environments, and built-in continuous testing automation.

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Multi-developer environment and App IDE: Tools for building robust apps
  • Concurrent app development
  • IDE with drag-and-drop code
  • Seamless collaboration

Synchronized AI-powered app development

When multiple developers build software in collaboration, cohesion and coordination is paramount. Coupled with a cutting-edge IDE and synchronized developer contributions, Creator gives you the tools to deliver world-class software more efficiently.

See the multi-developer environment and App IDE in action

Watch the capabilities of Zoho Creator's multi-developer environment features. See how you can leverage Zoho Creator's advanced App IDE features to build your software solutions seamlessly.

See the multi-developer environment and App IDE in action

Collaboration, synchronized

Zoho Creator's multi-developer support allows your teams to engineer in tandem, for unprecedented productivity.

  • Granular control over your developers

    Supervise the activities of each contributor to your code repository with robust, multi-developer controls.

  • Oversee app changes across versions

    When your development team builds apps, changes made by each developer add up. To oversee and manage them effectively, you need a multi-developer environment toolkit.

  • Collaborative solution engineering

    The multi-developer environment allows developers to work together simultaneously, facilitating collaborative solution engineering.

  • Separate environments for development and testing

    Zoho Creator provides developers with a compartmentalized development and deployment model, allowing you to carry out both activities in segregated environments.

Enable seamless scripting with the App IDE

The Zoho Creator App IDE is a state-of-the-art integrated development environment that makes scripting in Deluge a breeze.

Syntax assist

The App IDE highlights script syntax as you type, making syntax errors a thing of the past.

Syntax assist

Drag-and-drop code blocks

Why manually code when you can drag and drop commonly used code blocks into your script?

This even works for complicated actions, like data access (create, read, update, and delete records), sending emails, list manipulation, and integrations.

Drag-and-drop code blocks

Refer fields

All the fields you create in your apps are available in the Refer fields column. Here, you can view the fields you've created along with their respective types.

Refer fields

Version history

Access or revert to previous versions of your scripts in the Version history tab.

Version history

Collaborate better, develop faster, deliver excellence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install the App IDE?

You can access the App IDE like every other Creator feature—online. You don't need to install any software on your devices.

In the App IDE, are variables created in Deluge scripts visible in the Refer fields tab?

Yes, the variables you create in your Deluge scripts automatically appear in the Refer fields tab.

What languages does the App IDE support?

Deluge, Java, and NodeJS are currently supported.

What happens when I drag and drop Deluge code blocks into the IDE?

When you drag and drop code blocks, a Deluge syntax of the statement gets pasted in the IDE. You can then replace the skeletal syntax with your app's variables.