Let's get India back on its feet

We're extending our technology platform and support to NGOs, healthcare departments, government institutions, and hospitals in India to help build solutions they need—at zero cost.

With hopes to dampen the impact of the ongoing crisis and help facilitate the fight against it, we're offering immediate support to those working on COVID-19 relief management.

Together, we can make it happen.

Software to speed-up your relief efforts

Whether you need to monitor SOS social media mentions, build inventories to track medical supplies, or create forms to collect data, we've got you covered. Here are some examples of how you can use our software for your initiatives.

Fund Collection
Inventory Management
Volunteer and Contact Management
Data Collection
Helpdesk and IVR Solutions
Live-chat and Chatbots
Social Media Response Management
Video Conferencing
Data reporting and analysis
Custom Low-Code Applications

Fund Collection

With Zoho Checkout, you can accept online payments easily using customisable, branded payment pages.

  • Build a secure payment page without writing code.
  • Share your payment pages through social media, SMS, or email, and embed them on your website.
  • Provide donors the options to enter a donation of their choice, and help them choose between a one-time or a recurring donation.
  • Send payment receipts to donors, automatically.
  • Create multiple payment pages if you're contributing towards many causes.
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Inventory Management

Track orders of essential medical items, manage invoice payments and purchases, from a single place using Zoho Inventory.

  • Track essential items like PPE kits, masks, and oxygen cylinders across multiple locations.
  • Initiate and manage inter-location transfers to make sure the items are at the place of need.
  • Track your orders for faster fulfillment and billing.
  • Oversee the inventory of items procured from multiple vendors.
  • Forecast your demand by running reports on various key metrics and make sure you always have sufficient inventory.
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Volunteer and Contact Management

With Zoho CRM, you can capture volunteer, donor, or patient details, and get a 360-degree view of this information, all in real-time.

  • Manage volunteer and patient information through multiple channels like emails, web forms, calls, live-chat, and store their information in a central repository.
  • Store information about donors and set up payment processes for seamless contributions.
  • Track attendant information and link to the corresponding patient records. Send automated alerts at relevant moments, for e.g., alerting them when oxygen becomes available.
  • Maintain a portal where suppliers and distributors of oxygen, medicines, beds, etc., can update the information and availability of all these assets in real-time.
  • Enable volunteers to update live information like bed and drug availability on-the-go through the mobile app and also check-in with their live location for food distribution.
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Data Collection

Create web forms online, collect and manage registrations, payments, subscriptions, and contact forms using Zoho Forms.

  • Collect requests for PPE kits, medicines, masks, sanitizers, oxygen cylinders, etc. across various locations and send SMS and email notifications as required, automatically.
  • Create donation forms using integrated payment options.
  • Streamline volunteer recruitment by assigning approvers to review volunteer applications and send emails to approved applicants automatically.
  • Use online forms to collect requests for patient intake, send them to Google Sheets, and track them using reports.
  • Create questionnaires for field data collection and use offline data collection on mobile for remote locations.
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Helpdesk and IVR Solutions

Zoho Desk can help you address public issues and requests through a robust multichannel ticketing system, and deliver contextual service in real-time.

  • Set up helpline numbers, configure Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for various options like hospital beds, oxygen, drugs, etc. and route callers to the appropriate department based on their choice.
  • Respond to people seeking immediate assistance in real-time with an embeddable chat widget. Automate chat assignments and set up canned messages to save time.
  • Collect support tickets from different channels including social media, emails, calls, and organize them in a unified interface along with contextual volunteer/patient data.
  • Help agents respond faster with pre-filled responses based on past conversations. Use the skill builder interface to teach relevant actions for tasks like bed or oxygen availability.
  • Deliver efficient self-service with Desk's conversation assistant, knowledge base and community forums where different volunteers can come together to help those in need of assistance.
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Live-chat and Chatbots

With Zoho SalesIQ, you can provide immediate virtual assistance through live chat, make donations more convenient, and automate routine tasks and query-resolution with chatbots.

  • Add live-chat to your website and mobile app to handle inquiries from potential donors, in real-time. Zoho SalesIQ also helps you keep your external communication channels open with the Telegram integration and Facebook plugin.
  • Set up departments to route queries to the right volunteers and maximize productivity.
  • Initiate audio calls to reassure visitors who may need tele-counseling. Visitors can also call you right from the chat window without waiting in queues or dealing with Interactive Voice Responses.
  • Identify commonly asked questions and compile FAQs or articles that visitors can browse through.
  • Set up query-resolution on autopilot with our AI-driven 'Answer Bot' that can respond to visitor queries using your resources module.
  • Build chatbots with our drag-and-drop interface to automate tasks like COVID-19 assessments, handling donations, and providing payment receipts, or allocate resources based on demand and availability. You can also connect your internal servers to your chatbots with plugs to keep track of inventory of food, PPE kits, oxygen concentrators, and more.
  • Use the in-built option to invite experienced colleagues to join an ongoing chat if volunteers struggle to answer queries.
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Social Media Response Management

With Zoho Social, you can publish unlimited outreach campaigns on social media, respond to people, monitor SOS messages, and more, all in real-time.

  • Publish or schedule social posts across channels in one go to amplify relief efforts, highlight the availability of resources, and provide verified leads, from a single window.
  • Monitor distress calls, SOS hashtags, and mentions, with customized listening columns.
  • Create filters for advanced Twitter search covid-related keywords and send timely replies to requests.
  • Receive DMs and manage contact details like email, phone numbers, and location.
  • Stay on top of alerts, mentions, and posts while on the move with the mobile app.
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Video Conferencing

Provide clinical services to people using video calls, train remote doctors using webinars, meet online with volunteers staying in different locations, and more with Zoho Meeting.

  • Carry out face-to-face video consultations for people from any part of the world.
  • Schedule meetings and embed links on your website to make it easy for visitors to join in and get help instantly.
  • Train new doctors about vaccination protocols or covid-treatment medical processes online.
  • Conduct sessions with patients as well as staff. Share texts and images through screen-sharing mode to help showcase preventive measures, health conditions, and solutions. Share important files through chat during calls.
  • Patients or healthcare workers in remote locations can join calls from their mobile devices. Disconnected from the internet? No problem. They can still make calls using the dial-in numbers.
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Data Reporting and Analysis

Transform large amounts of medical, financial, and operational data into actionable insights using Zoho Analytics.

  • Get data from anywhere and create dashboards to track increase/decrease in patient inflow, provide timely care responses in emergency situations, reduce waiting/admission time, track critical patient metrics, and deliver enhanced clinical experiences and outcomes.
  • Track inventory (oxygen, medicines, vaccines, blood, plasma, etc.) and get instant alerts when stocks run low.
  • Use smart forecasting to predict future medical and infrastructural needs and be prepared.
  • Track donations, expenses, and optimize your spends effectively.
  • Share critical insights securely with healthcare professionals, volunteers, and make informed decisions.
  • Build and publish public data libraries for analysis and awareness.
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Custom Low-Code Applications

Zoho Creator helps with developing custom healthcare applications in a tenth of the time needed by traditional methods. Manage patients, keep track of inventory, drive projects, and more. No programming skills required.

  • Create a centralized online health data repository by switching away from paper-based forms and spreadsheets to custom mobile applications.
  • Automate complex tasks such as incident reporting, patient risk management, equipment failure, re-ordering critical medical supplies, and more.
  • Link your custom application with other important systems used at your organization to manage all healthcare-related processes in a single place.
  • Set up online portals to create a single point of access where patients and healthcare workers can access critical information such as availability of drugs/beds, the status of their vaccine slot, availability of doctors, and more.
  • Use interactive reports and dashboards to monitor activities such as patient recovery rates, critical incidents, and status of volunteers to make informed decisions.
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Need a customised solution?

We're just a phone call away.

Call our toll-free number or email us and we'll help build the right solution for you. This initiative isn't limited to the apps and platforms listed above. If you need assistance with managing documents, creating surveys, building websites from the ground-up, or anything else, we'd love to help you get started.

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Questions you might have

Who is this initiative for?

This is for NGOs, healthcare departments, government institutions, and hospitals in India that are working to combat the COVID-19 crisis in India.

Do I have to pay for any of the applications and customisation support?

No, our customer support team will be available to help you work swiftly towards the cause.

I'm a volunteer, but I'm not a part of any healthcare organization. Can I still sign up?

Yes, you can still sign up if you are working for the cause adhering to our "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy".

How long can I use these apps for free?

For now, all the Zoho products will be available to you at zero cost for 3 months. We will extend it based on your needs.

What will happen to my account once this crisis tides over?

Your account will remain active, but it'll be moved to the "Free Edition".

What others are saying...

Dr. Viduthalai Virumbi B. Health Officer, Tamil Nadu State COVID War Room
Utkarsh Roy Co-founder of IntroBot, and Core Team Member at COVID Citizens
Shyam Sundar N. Founder, GoFloaters
"Zoho has created a solution for us using Zoho CRM to combat Covid. Volunteers at the Tamil Nadu Covid War Room use the app to address Covid-related requests and issues coming in through the 104 helpline—for finding beds, to manage requests for oxygen, medicines, and food. The app is being deployed in phases to 50,000 volunteers. Based on the need, we'll scale the operation to 2 Lakh volunteers. The use of technology will help us in quickly responding to patients needing critical care, efficiently managing and allocating available resources, and monitoring the situation closely as we will have real-time visibility into the operation."
“COVID Citizens is a community-driven collective which verifies and crowd-sources pan-India information on critical COVID resources such as medicines, oxygen cylinders, beds, blood tests, meal services, plasma, ambulances, and more. Zoho supports COVID Citizens through their tool for social media outreach.”
"A group of volunteers got together to help a patient in Chennai find a hospital bed. The team used Google Sheets and WhatsApp to run their operations. This was proving to be difficult and also had issues with duplication of effort. We decided to build an application to streamline the entire process. Using Zoho Creator, we quickly built and launched the app in 48 hours. Today more than 120 volunteers are helping 100+ patients find hospital beds everyday using the system."