Sales numbers

Every sale that is made on your store is updated in real time on your Zoho Commerce dashboard. Watch your store's performance as it unfolds.

Statistics by product

Keep yourself briefed on which products are performing well, and which need a boost. Add abandoned cart statistics to see which products would benefit the most from a discount.

In-depth metrics

View every statistic that you need to gauge your store’s success. Dig deep into the performance of each product variant, category, collection, and customer with just a few clicks.

Website analytics

Analyze the traffic to each page on your website in terms of visits, regions, devices, referrers, and products viewed. Improve your website’s conversions with careful adjustments guided by your most current traffic trends.

PageSense integration

Integrate with Zoho PageSense to evaluate your website using A/B testing, funnel analytics, heatmaps, session recording, and goal-based analytics.

You need data to run any online business.

Know your online store stats