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Products Search

Basic CouponsCreate coupons for store wide discounts.

Shipping Integration

Cash on Delivery

Email Templates

Newsletter Subscription

Page Builder

SSL Certificate

Schedule Blog Posts

Auto Publish Social Posts

Customer Reports

Sales Reports

  • 500 Products
  • Customer Portal - 2000 customers
  • 5GBExcluding product images.
  • 10GB Bandwidth/Month
  • 10 PagesExcluding product and category pages.
  • 50 Page Versions
  • 2 Forms
  • 5 Photo GalleriesDoesn't include product images.
  • Online Sales/YearOnline sales revenue is capped at /year. If exceeds, subscription will be auto-upgraded to the Pro plan.
  • 2 Users
  • 1 Contributors
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Everything in Commerce Starter+

Enhanced CouponsCreate coupons specific to products, categories, collections, customers, or shipping zones.

Abandoned Cart

Product Reviews and Ratings

Smart RecommendationsZIA (our in-house AI) will recommend frequently viewed products and products purchased together your customers.

Fraud AnalyticsPrevent potential fraud with automated tracking of suspicious activity. Powered by ZIA (our in-house AI).

Traffic Analytics

  • 10000 Products
  • Customer Portal - 25000 customers
  • 50GBExcluding product images.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 200 PagesExcluding product and category pages.
  • 500 Page Versions
  • 10 Forms
  • 15 Photo GalleriesDoesn't include product images.
  • Online Sales/YearOnline sales revenue is capped at /year. If exceeds, additional charge for online sales will apply.
  • 6 Users
  • 6 Contributors

Additional charge for online sales

Calculated on a trailing 12-month basis

From Upto for every
From upto for every
From upto for every

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a demo for Zoho Commerce?

    Of course! We'd be glad to help. Request a free demo by filling this form.

  • Do I need to provide my credit card information to start a trial?

    No, we do not ask for your credit card details to start the trial.

  • How do I add more users?

    The Starter and Pro plans have 2 and 6 users respectively. If you are using pro plan, you can add more users for $3/user/month.

  • What happens to my account after my trial period expires?

    Your store will become inaccessible. However, your progress will be saved, and will be available for future use from your registered account if you upgrade your plan.

  • What's the difference between the Standard and Pro plans?

    Our pricing plan comparison page will give you a clear understanding of what you get with each Zoho Commerce plan.

  • How do you calculate online sales per year?

    Online sales per year is calculated on a trailing 12 month basis from the date of your purchase. If you purchased Zoho Commerce last year, and you're up for renewal today, it is the sum of the sales you have processed over the last twelve months. With this, seasonal spikes will be eliminated and you can easily manage your monthly costs.

  • What happens when I reach the cap on online sales per year?

    If you're in the Starter plan and cross the cap you'll automatically be moved to the Pro plan. If you hit the Pro plan's or Plus plan's cap you will be charged additionally for online sales based on the slab rates mentioned above.

  • What method of payment do you accept?

    You can pay via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, bank transfer, or check transfer.

  • How do I know more about the Zoho Commerce Plus plan?

    Please fill in the form and our team will be reaching out to you shortly to provide more information about it.

  • How do I add more members?

    The Starter and Pro plans have 2000 and 25000 members respectively. If you are using pro plan, you can add more members at /month/1000 members.