Abandoned cart recovery

Send strategic follow-up emails to customers who have added products to their shopping cart, but failed to complete the transaction.

Website traffic

View stats on your most-visited products and your most productive referrers, and filter them by the customer's geographical location or type of device. Easily identify your top customers and see how many times they've purchased from your store.


Use coupons to offer specific discounts based on products, categories, collections, customers, or shipping zones. Set up each coupon's active period, the number of times it can be used, and the discount type and value. 

Smart recommendations

Our AI keeps your sales ticking up by recommending frequently-viewed and frequently-purchased products to your customers.

SalesIQ integration

Automate customer support with personalized chats and live store insights. Chat Bots can answer frequently-asked questions, and for matters that AI can't settle, customers will be directed to a live agent.

PageSense integration

Use funnel analytics, heatmaps, and scrollmaps to monitor visitor paths on your online store. Use A/B testing to know which page variations increase your conversion rate.

CRM integration

Customer and product details are synced both ways between your store and Zoho CRM. Add a CRM web form to your store to capture leads and requests.

All the support and services you need to increase your online sales.

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