Watch our webinars to learn how to Cliq keeps you connected

  • Getting started with Zoho Cliq | Product Tour

    In this webinar, we’ll walk you through why you should be using Zoho Cliq for your team communication along with a quick demo!

  • Remote Work - Bring your office into Cliq

    Cliq's Remote Work brings your office right where you collaborate. Watch this webinar to learn how Remote Work in Cliq empowers teams to mimic their workplace.

  • Setting up your organization on Cliq | Admin Panel Walkthrough

    In this webinar, we'll walk you through Cliq's admin panel. Learn everything from how to import users, create teams, add a custom domain and how to make Cliq reflect your organizational structure and hierarchy.

  • EMM and role based mobile permissions in Cliq

    Cliq now integrates with EMM services to offer the best of mobile security. In addition to EMM, Cliq also supports role-based mobile permissions in the in-house admin panel. Watch this webinar to learn how EMM helps you exercise controls on devices and how the Cliq integration works!

  • Learn how to drive your projects to success with Zoho Cliq - Zoho Projects Integration

    Collaboration is crucial to a project's success. Often, we find our communication channels and information spread across various tools we use. All you need is one central place, to keep your team in loop - from initial setup to the project's progress.

    In this webinar, we'll walk you through how the Zoho Cliq integration with Zoho Projects helps your team collaborate with context.

  • Incident Management Straight Out of Chat with Zoho Cliq-PagerDuty Integration

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can manage incidents, keep tabs on services and collaborate to stay on the same page with the Zoho Cliq - PagerDuty integration. Read our blog on how incident management is simplified with this integration: Head over to our help document to know how to install the integration:

  • Contextual Communication and Collaboration with Zoho Sprints and Zoho Cliq

    The integration between Zoho Sprints and Zoho Cliq helps Scrum teams to communicate effectively with their teammates and receive contextual project updates. Learn how you can configure the Sprint bot to map your Sprints projects with channels in Cliq.