Publishing Extensions in Zoho Marketplace

Publishing an Extension:

Extensions that are tested and good to go, can be published in Zoho Marketplace.

  • First, hover over the extension name to view two options Publish and Edit.
  • Selecting the Publish option will direct you to the Extension Submission page.

‚ÄčHow to publish an extension?

  • Set the extension version as per your choice, by clicking Edit.

How to publish a Cliq Extension?

Extension Pricing:

Cliq allows you to set a price for your extension. The pricing you provide will be considered for the current version of the extension only. For future extension upgrades, you are allowed to revise the pricing as per your choice. The change in pricing plan will not be applicable to the users who are already using the extension(the previous version). Existing users can update the extension to get the current version and continue using it.

You can choose if your extension should be published as a

  • Paid Extension
  • Free Extension
  • Decide Later

Paid Extension:

A paid extension can be released with or without a free trial option. Just provide a price for the one time, monthly, yearly use of the extension initially. Checking the "free trial" option will activate free trial for your extension on installation.

  • With free trial:

Alternatively, you can allow a user to install the extension and use it free, for a trial period of 15 days. The extension will automatically be deactivated once the trial period ends and the user will be prompted to pay for the extension to be able to use it. The user is allowed to revise the extension subscription plan if needed.

  • Without free trial:

If you choose not to give the free trial option, the user will be prompted to pay for the extension to use it.

  • Change in user subscription plan:

The user is allowed to change the subscription plan. A user can shift from monthly to yearly or monthly to one time subscription plan. Similarly, a user can change from yearly to monthly or yearly to one time plan. But a user with the one time subscription plan cannot change plans, undoubtedly because a one time subscription is like a life long license for the extension usage.

Free Extensions:

It is possible to publish your extension as a free extension by selecting the "Free Forever" option. Users can directly install your extension and use it.

Decide Later:

In situations where you might not be too sure about the pricing you want to give or if you would like to take some time to decide on the same, use this option. Once you select this option, we will follow up with an e-mail to help you decide on the pricing or any clarifications you might have.

What happens after submitting the extension?

Our team will reach out to you after evaluating your extension and also to get information such as your extension logo, banner, installation URL to name a few. This information is necessary to host your extension in Marketplace.

Submitting an extension?

When and how can users install your extension?

The extension once published will be hosted in Zoho Marketplace and users can visit Marketplace to install the extension. Alternatively, users who have the extension installation link can install your extension once it has been published.