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Analyze your campaign performance

Opens & Clicks
Automatic Bounces
Social Engagement
Geographic Reports

Opens and clicks

See how many recipients have opened your campaign, the exact time they opened the emails, and which links have received the most clicks.

Opens and clicks Dashboard Opens and clicks

Automatic bounces and spam handling

Learn which email addresses have bounced and why. Automatically move spam addresses to a do-not-mail list so your efforts stay productive.

Automatic bounces dashboard Automatic bounces

Social engagement

Determine your campaigns' reach across different social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Geographic reports

Discover the approximate geographical locations of recipients who open your campaigns, as well as the open dates and times.

Geographic reports dashboard Geographic reports

Recognize your audience

Recognize stock  
Recognize list
Recognize reports

List-based reports


Understand recipient behaviors—opened, never opened, not opened recently, never received campaign—by tracking the response of your recipients to the campaigns sent. Assign goals and keep records for each of your active and less active recipients.

Campaign-based reports


Receive real-time statistics about open and click rates for your top campaigns. See where your opens are coming from and which campaigns and URLs are popular with your audience.

Integrate with Zoho Analytics or Google Analytics

Track data with Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics to your Zoho Campaigns account and track activities back to your website. Learn which email campaigns and links are generating the most traffic, which recipients have clicked the links, the status of goals, and much more.

Track data
Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics with Zoho Analytics

You can export report data from Zoho Campaigns to Zoho Analytics to create in-depth reports and dashboards to track your metrics. Moreover, share it with your team to learn what needs to be improved and craft better performing emails in future.

Advanced campaign reports

Survey Reports
A/B Testing Reports
Webinar Reports
Ecommerce Reports

Survey reports

Track the number of surveys delivered, opened, and clicked using Zoho Campaigns' reports. Receive detailed reports on the number of completed surveys, the responses of each one, and details about which recipients have started their surveys and those who are yet to start.

Advance survey reports

A/B testing reports

Monitor reports for each version of a test campaign to determine clicks and opens. Determine the winner based on which one reports the greater number of clicks or opens.

A/B testing reports data A/B testing reports reach

Webinar and event reports

Zoho Campaigns also offers reports on the number of event invites delivered, bounced, and unsent, as well as webinar registrant and attendee details. Tracking these reports helps you send follow-up emails and promote future webinars and events.

Webinar and event reports Webinar and event reports reach

Ecommerce reports

Integrate your ecommerce store with Zoho Campaigns and track your store's overall engagement and revenue to stay on top of ecommerce email marketing.

Ecommerce reports Ecommerce reports graph  

Observe user agent statistics

Optimize your campaigns using stats about which devices, operating systems, and web browsers your recipients are using to view your campaigns.

Email Clients

Email clients statistics
Web browsers statistics

Web Browsers

Device & Operating system statistics

Device & Operating system

Share reports and collaborate on improvements

Share reports with other users in your organization to study what could be improved. Send follow-up campaigns based on results, share them on your social media handles, and compare them to determine recipient preferences and inform future email campaign efforts.

Share report    
Share report person

Activate your workflow and get reports

Zoho Campaigns automatically generates detailed reports for workflows. Once you create and activate a workflow, you can view version-based and component-based reports.

Active workflow view Active workflow version  

Access your reports on the go

Examine and share reports anytime, anywhere using Zoho Campaigns’ fully-featured mobile app. Learn more

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