3Ding and Zoho Campaigns—could you brief on how Campaigns helps you achieve your marketing goals, being in a happening industry that uses 3D-printing technology?

3D Printing is a pretty versatile technology. It is used in many industries and applications like medicine, manufacturing, fashion, architecture and more. So 3Ding caters to a lot of unique clients.

With features like segmentation, A/B campaigns, we are able to surgically send the right message to our leads for a successful conversion. The Google Analytics integration also helps us track the user behaviour in a more comprehensive manner. Since we are already a Zoho One user, it has been incredibly easy to make the CRM and Campaigns talk to each other and import/export data seamlessly.

You had mentioned that using our “polls” and “smart send” features helped you improve your engagement rates. Could you explain a bit more about that? (If you could share some insights/stats)

'Polls' has been something really helpful for us in organizing our workshop across India. Users show a lot of interest in our 3D Printing workshops and earlier we used to follow a round robin method to conduct workshops at different cities in India. But with polls we are now able to get feedback from the subscribers directly in our monthly newsletter. This helps us to know which city has more demand and enables us to cater to them sooner.

Smart send has come in really handy in improving the CTR for our email campaigns. Earlier we used to schedule our campaigns in bulk at a particular time. The time we send out the campaign may not be the ideal time our subscribers to read or engage with it. This way we potentially lost a lot in conversions. With smart send, Zoho campaigns takes care of figuring out the optimal time a particular lead/subscriber is likely to open the emails and sends the campaign at that right moment. This has helped us increase our CTR by 100%.

What is the tip / best practice / advice that you’d like to share with your fellow email marketers from the same industry, trying to use Zoho Campaigns?

Every email marketer knows that one of the secrets to successful email conversion is message positioning and timing. With advanced features like workflows, automation, smart send, polls, you have been empowered more than ever to get it right. This should help you get the right message out to the right person at the right time.