Today we’re happy to announce Zoho Campaigns, the email marketing software from Zoho that features advanced CRM integration and social campaigns. With Zoho Campaigns, you can finally reach and engage your customers and prospects wherever they are – in email, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Zoho Campaigns has all the bells-and-whistles that you can expect: mass emails, templates and an easy-to-use editor to make you look good as well as reports and realt-time analytics to help you understand customers better. But what we’ve kept hearing from customers is that synchronization between your CRM and your email marketing list is a real pain. In fact, our experience with our very own email marketing efforts validated exactly that.

We’ve taken this pain away with a very easy, built-in integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns – so maintaining both lists in sync is now quite simple. Beyond list maintenance, the power of having your CRM software and your email marketing provider be the same is the advance integration between the two. For example, as an account manager you can quickly see not only what emails you’ve sent to a particular customer, but also what kind of response those emails have elicited from him. This way you can tailor your sales calls with information that is more relevant for your customers.

Beyond emails, you know customers today have multiple communications options. They hang out in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s why Zoho Campaigns comes with built-in social media integrations so you can quickly create social media campaigns that are easy to deploy and maintain. You can, for example, schedule Tweets, Facebook posts and even run a page campaign within Facebook.

We also have Google Apps customers covered. We remain one of the biggest vendors in the Google Apps Marketplace and Zoho Campaigns is no exception. You can even create your email campaign in a Google Drive document, synchronize your email list from a Google Drive spreadsheet (or even your contacts) and send your email campaign through us.

And for those customers that are not on Zoho CRM yet, don’t worry – you can, of course also use Zoho Campaigns with your current CRM providers. We have open APIs that will allow you to get your data in and out of our service.

We invite you to try Zoho Campaigns today. If you already are a Zoho CRM customer, then this is a no-brainer! Please continue sending us your thoughts – there is still more good stuff in the pipeline.

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  1. Martin Worldwide

    That’s why Zoho Campaigns comes with built-in social media integrations
    so you can quickly create social media campaigns that are easy to deploy
    and maintain.

  2. Tony DeSimone

    Just gave up on ZohoMail after 5+ years; too many snafus and hiccups. Was dealing with support on a monthly basis.

  3. Katana

    Hi! I do data entry for this company, and we are wondering if we should replace our aWeber account with the Zoho mail. Are Zoho Campaigns and Mail Magnet included in either the $12 upgrade or the $25 upgrade, or are these separate $$ add-ons? If so, can we add them separately.Also, are you compatible with Godaddy Webmail?Please contact me via email! Thank you.

  4. Anthony Markwort

    I can’t seem to access any of the information created in Campaigns from CRM Records. How am I supposed to know that contact x was a part of email campaign y and that contact x opened said email ? I am not seeing the tight integration.

  5. Sue Peffer

    I’ve sent a test campaign via Zoho Campaigns and can see the click responses in Zoho CRM. How do I map this data to Zoho CRM so the click through data can be seen at contact level?

  6. vaishnav

    Apologies about the delay in reply -@Patrick – You definitely should be able to sign in. However, we’ll recheck and email you with further details.@Tony – Zoho Campaigns boasts automated capabilities of running email and social campaigns, managing your lists and offers in-depth analytics, all in real-time!
    Sorry about your experience during synchronizing your contacts. We’ll email you with further details and we’ll help you out for sure.@John – Thank you for indicating we’re making good progress. An existing Zoho CRM admin should definitely be able to signup with their current ID/email. However, we’ll recheck and email you with further details.@Nigel – You should be able to signup with your existing email. However, we’ll recheck and email you with further details.

  7. jim joward

    This did not help me and is off subject.How do you delete a recurring activity on the calendar?

  8. Tony DeSimone

    Cool your jets, guys; once you actually do get logged in and sync’d with CRM you’ll have bunches of bugs to contend with. I used last week and took quite a bit to get the e-mail out.

  9. admin

    I’ve logged into Zoho CRM and I go to but all I get is the marketing page and a sign up button. Still wondering how to sign up or access it as an existing CRM user. Help?

  10. Tony DeSimone

    How is “campaign” different then just using e-mail templates and sending from within CRM?

  11. Rodrigo Vaca

    @Steve – You can access it from It is not linked yet from the top bar in our other Zoho services, but we’ll update that soon.

  12. Rodrigo Vaca

    Thanks Marat. We’ll get in touch by email.

  13. Marat

    Great product. Although, I can’t find how I can integrate subscription form right into my website as I do for CRM’s web-to-leads form. All I want to do is to use Zoho Campaigns as a one-stop tool for all my newsletter needs. However, now I still have to import subscribers to ZC every time I need to create a newsletter for those who subscribed via my website. Is that so? Maybe I’m missing something but all I could find is ability to create a link for a subscription form that leads to some… address. That’s not very good for branding.

  14. Steve

    how do you sign up for or link campaigns if you are already a CRM user. I looked in apps etc and did not find anything. Sign up will not work with the same email…

  15. Mike Mikaelian

    Looks like a great tool. Looking forward to using it!