• Who is eligible for the agency edition?

    Any digital marketing agency who wants to handle multiple clients from a single place.

  • How does a digital marketing agency access this edition?

    An agency will have to raise a request through the Zoho Campaigns webpage. Our team will then evaluate the agency and provide access. 

  • How do you access the agency edition?

    The agency console option can only be accessed in the parent account of the agency.

    Once that access is given, click on Account Settings > Switch to agency console.

    Here the following options will be seen:


    • Dashboard
    • Manage Accounts
    • Manage Content
  • What information does the dashboard contain?

    The dashboard shows important information about the agency and its accounts, such as: total number of clients, number of active and inactive contacts, campaigns sent from each account, recently sent campaigns, and shared templates.

  • Where can the details of individual clients be seen?

    Go to the Manage Accounts tab and click on the individual account to see the details and activities of that particular client. Here you can access recently sent campaigns, subscription details, and contact summaries (bounced, unsubscribed, total number of contacts, and new contacts).

    Also, the agency admin can view the email authentication status of the domain from the agency module. They can only authenticate their domain by logging in to that specific client account.

  • Can an agency share content details with their clients?

    Yes, that is possible. Content can be shared from the agency's parent account with their clients. Templates stored in the parent account library can be pushed to the agency console. And from the agency console, content can be shared with clients.

  • Where can I send campaigns on my client's behalf?

    Go to 'Manage Accounts' and choose the client for whom you want to send a campaign by clicking on its name, then click 'Go to Account' to create a campaign. 

  • What does the 'Push Template' option do?

    The agency console has an exclusive feature called the Push Template. The agency's marketer can design the campaign in the template editor of the parent account and save it as a template. The marketer can then utilize the push option to direct the same template to the desired client's account. 

  • How many clients can an agency add?

    An agency can add up to 10 clients free of cost. To add more, they'll have to pay $5 per client per month, billed annually.

  • How do you add clients to the portal?

    To add more clients, go to Manage Accounts > Add New Client > Enter the organization name and it's done.

  • Can Zoho One or any bundled app accounts be part of the agency edition?

    No, only standalone accounts can be part of it.

  • Can I purchase a monthly plan in the agency edition?

    No, you can only go with the yearly plan in the agency edition.

  • What is the pricing plan of the agency edition?

    The pricing details can be seen here