Scheduling appointments simplified

Time is precious and so are your meetings. Make work simple and assist clients in finding the right time to catch up with you via appointment scheduling.

Plan meetings without the hassle

Plan meetings without the hassle

Don't let your meetings clash. Embed your appointment request form on the web so users can fill in the details. Approve or reject requests and your calendar will be updated automatically.

Free? Busy? Let your calendar talk to visitors!

Put an end to appointment overlaps by sharing your availability. Embed Zoho Calendar into your website and let your visitors know when you're available for an appointment. 

Go for the right language
Make it look appealing

Sneak a peek!

Preview the appointment scheduler before embedding it into your website to ensure all data, input fields, and design choices are correct.

Go for the right language

No matter what language your website is in, you can always personalize your appointment request form before publishing it online. Choose from an array of languages based on your requirements.

Go for the right language
Make it look appealing

Make it look appealing

Select from a range of predefined colors while building your appointment form. Preview the form before it goes up on your website to make sure it has the right look and feel.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the appointment scheduler available for free?

    Yes, even if you are a personal user, you can still use Zoho Calendar as an appointment scheduler.

  • How does the appointment scheduler work?

    When a person fills in the appointment form embedded in your website, an email will be sent to your primary address asking you to confirm the appointment. After you have confirmed the appointment, it will be added as an event on your calendar. Also, a notification will be sent to the particular person who requested for the appointment that it has been confirmed.

  • How to embed the calendar in my website?

    If you have a requirement to include your calendar in your blog or your webpage, you can fetch the embed code of the calendars owned by you on Zoho Calendar. This embed code can be integrated with your website's HTML code and the calendar will be added to your website. You can also embed your Zoho Calendar to your blogs if required. Click here to learn about how you can fetch the code and embed the calendar on your website.

  • Can visitors check my availability while they fix a time to schedule an appointment?

    Yes, the visitors can check your free/busy times and then schedule an appointment accordingly. Learn more

  • Can I preview how the appointment scheduler will look on my website?

    Yes, you can get a preview of how the appointment scheduler will look on your website by clicking on the Preview button.

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