Why go with Zoho Calendar

Create events, invite users, book resources, manage group calendars, and organize your team events and more with our shareable calendars.

  • It's absolutely freee!

    It's absolutely freee!

    The best part about Zoho Calendar is that it's completely free. Even if you're a personal user, you can use Zoho Calendar to schedule events and embed it on your website. Zoho Calendar comes as a built-in application in Zoho Mail, enabling you to schedule events and meetings right from your inbox.

  • Works well with other Zoho apps

    Works well with other Zoho apps

    Not only does Zoho Calendar come with your Zoho account, it works seamlessly with other Zoho apps—Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Tasks, and more. View events that you booked from other Zoho apps in Zoho Calendar and keep track of them all from one place.

  • Private and super-secure

    Private and super-secure

    There's no give-and-take when it comes to keeping your data secure and free from prying eyes. Zoho Calendar keeps your data encrypted at all times and takes nothing in return. More so, it's an ad-free platform, so your data belongs to you and you alone.

  • Book rooms and assets

    Book rooms and assets

    With Zoho Calendar, booking an event and choosing a room with the right assets is easy. You can inventory your conference rooms and assets like laptops, projectors, etc. thereby avoiding double-bookings and postponements.

  • A text becomes an event

    A text becomes an event

    "Chat with Mark on Aug 27 from 11-11:30" — Quickly add an event to your calendar and fill in the specifics later using the Smart Add option. The Zoho Calendar conveniently recognizes the time and the date and creates a record of the event.

  • Add your meetings

    Add your meetings

    Zoho Calendar lets you connect Zoho Meeting or Zoom to events you create. In addition, you can view and download meeting recordings right from your calendar events.

  • Calendar API for the public

    Calendar API for the public

    Zoho Calendar is available not only for the users who pay but also to the public as well. More so, Zoho Calendar API is publicly available, letting users take advantage of its functionality when they build applications of their own.

  • Find events in a flash

    Find events in a flash

    Don't comb through every event to find the one you're looking for. Zoho Calendar comes with advanced search capabilities, enabling you to track down the event you want faster.

How Zoho Calendar stacks up against Calendly and Calendar.com

  • Features



  • Calendar
  • Calendly

Event scheduling

  • Schedule meetings/events

  • Check participant availability

  • Add meeting conference

  • Add secondary timezone

  • Smart add events

  • Search events


Resource booking

  • Inventory and book rooms

  • Inventory assets


Sync and embed

  • Embed calendars

  • Connect external calendars

  • Sync calendars


Analytics and API

  • Analytics

  • API


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the appointment scheduler available for free?

    Yes, even if you are a personal user, you can still use Zoho Calendar as an appointment scheduler.

  • Can I create a shared calendar for free?

    Yes, Zoho Calendar is free for all users. You can use Zoho Calendar to create group calendars that's accessible to your colleagues or you can even share an existing calendar with the users of your choice. All this is possible in Zoho Calendar for free.

  • Is embedding calendar in website free?

    Yes, you can embed a Zoho calendar in your website for free. If you have a requirement to include your calendar in your blog or your webpage, you can fetch the embed code of the calendars owned by you on Zoho Calendar. This embed code can be integrated with your website's HTML code and the calendar will be added to your website. You can also embed your Zoho Calendar to your blogs if required. Learn more

  • Can visitors check my availability while they fix a time to schedule an appointment?

    Yes, the visitors can check your free/busy times and then schedule an appointment accordingly. Learn more

  • Can I manage different time zones on Zoho Calendar?

    Yes, the new Zoho Calendar interface comes with multiple options to manage different time zones. You can set a secondary time zone for your calendar and also create events in any time zone based on who your attendees are. Learn more

  • Can I invite and track my friend's RSVP even if he isn't a Zoho user?

    Even though your friend does not have a Zoho account yet, you can invite him to your events and track his RSVP. All you need to know is his email address. When creating or editing an event, you can include his email address in the Add invitees field and an invitation email will be sent to him with a unique URL. This URL is to access the event information, update his status and post his comments.

  • How can I create an event that recurs every month?

    If you are creating an event that happens to recur every month, you needn't keep creating it separately for every given month. Go to the Create Event window and enter the recurring period in the Repeat field. You can choose from Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly options to create your recurring event. Learn more.