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Analyzed and Ready for Action

No more headaches of compiling and analyzing financial data. Zoho Books provides all facts relating to the financial health of your business, in the form of all encompassing reports, insightful dashboard and snapshot information about unpaid bills. Now, all you have to do is act on those business plans you make.

Instant Insight on Dashboard

Want to know how your business is faring without going knee deep into data? Simply click on the Dashboard of your Zoho Books account and view your invoice Aging Summary, Income and Expense chart, Bank and Credit Card Account Summary and Accounts Watchlist.

Get business overview on the dashboard

Clarity on Pending Activities

In less than 5 minutes, categorize all the transactions fetched from your bank and credit card accounts. Zoho Books brings the much needed clarity into your unbilled hours and unbilled expenses of your project so you can bill them together when sending the final invoice to your client.

Get clarity into billed and unbilled expenses

All-Encompassing Reports Gallery

Get facts about your business, fast! Don't wait till the month end to prepare financial reports of your business. Zoho Books provides a wide array of financial reports like profit and loss reports, cash flow statement, tax statement and many more, for your business, which you can prepare anytime.

Drill down into the finances with reports

Share Reports Easily

Zoho Books helps you share your financial information in any way you want and as per your needs, quickly. Your colleagues or accountants can run the report themselves or you could share it with them by exporting it as PDF file and attach it to an email or even print it.

Run, download and share reports with colleagues

All Features

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