Hassle free monitoringAutomation all the way

Once you create an SLA and specify the conditions under which it is to be executed, the entire process becomes automated. Remove the hassle of monitoring every step of the way.

Automated SLA Automated SLA

Perfect targetsSet definite targets to achieve

For each SLA you create, define targets that you want to aim for. For example, define that any bug that is a 'Showstopper' should be closed within 6 hours or that a resolution should be posted in an hour.

Set targets to achieve Bugtracking at fingertips

Timely intimationEscalation management to save the day

If a bug remains unsolved, the escalations can be at multiple levels. A senior developer can be informed in two hours, a tech lead in four hours and a project manager in six hours. Specify the action to be taken at each of these levels.

Escalation Management Escalation management

Everyone on the trackKeep Customers in The Loop

Keep your clients updated on how bugs are progressing with the help of email notifications, that are triggered when certain predefined conditions are met. Let them be assured that bugs are being handled in the best possible manner.

Keep customers in loop Keeping customers in loop

Bugtracker mobile front view Bugtracker mobile back view Bugtracker mobile back view

Bug tracking, at your fingertips

Stay connected, wherever you are. Get quick updates, manage bugs, participate in discussions, and take necessary actions, all from the palm of your hand.

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