The online educator’s booking platform

Multiple class types

Add and maintain one-time courses, series or certifications, and recurring classes. Repeat for as long as you like, block off unavailable dates and times, and manage all registrations from one place.

Instant payments

Collect your fees as people register for your classes. Connect with over seven popular payment vendors, and whether you want to get paid in full or just a deposit, be assured that your signups are serious.


The most effective course registration system is also the simplest.

Collaborative schedules

Working with a co-educator? Invite them to your Bookings system. They’ll have a separate calendar, schedule of classes, and a custom booking page.

Confirmation emails

Personalize your messages. Include a custom thank you note, additional learning material, and even allow them to reschedule to another date and time—all through a single email.

Class reminders

We're all busy, and it’s only natural to forget class times. Don’t let that happen to your students—configure email and text reminders before class begins so they can make it or reschedule for another time.

Custom booking page

Add images, logos, welcome messages, and personalize your booking page—you can also use your own domain name and choose from a range of predesigned pages. Each course gets a separate page, so you can share or embed only what’s relevant. Everything is automatically mobile-optimized.

On-the-go course management

Work without stress. Even if you’re not at your desk, you can always stay up to date with our mobile apps for Apple and Android. They allow admins and staff members to access schedules and student details any time.

'Round-the-clock bookings for your online courses Try Zoho Bookings—no upfront fees and no credit card necessary