Online class registration for terrific teachers

'Round-the-clock assistant

Free yourself from taking registrations via phone, jotting them down on notepads, or scribbling on post-its. Zoho Bookings gives you a custom web page that your students can access at any time to sign up for classes.

Companion on the go

Go ahead and take that long-overdue vacation—even if you’re away from work, you can still access all information about your classes, existing students, new students, and more on our mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Set up your online scheduler once, and collect tutoring appointments with ease.

Personalized booking page

Add your logo, images, and custom welcome messages. You can even choose not to display certain classes and dates—it’s your page, and you can change it as you will.

Calendar sync and verification

Avoid double bookings by connecting your Google, Zoho, and Zoho CRM calendars. If you’ve got events blocked off elsewhere, we’ll make sure you don’t get any conflicting registrations.

Reminders and confirmation emails

Quit worrying about students not showing up for classes. Set up custom notifications to your students or parents, and we’ll make sure they get email or text reminders.

Custom schedules and recurring classes

Offer a series of classes? Make it a recurring schedule and you can choose which days of the week you want to teach and how many sessions each student should attend to complete certification.

Online payments

Make sure you mean business—charge an upfront fee or security deposit and be sure you get registrations only from students genuinely interested in learning from you.

Eliminate the back and forth of scheduling classes Try Zoho Bookings—no upfront fees and no credit card necessary