Five things you won't have to compromise on when choosing Zoho Bookings over Calendly


Your website, store, and staff represent your brand. Make your booking page reflect the same feeling. Choose from over 20 themes and layouts for your page and map it to your website. Create webpages about your staff and ride on their popularity.

Booking page template for gyms

Key performance metrics

View daily and monthly appointments on your calendar dashboard. Identify growth opportunities from revenue and appointment reports.

Zoho Bookings calendar dashboard displaying two staff members' appointments.
Illustration of a woman running classes on Zoho Bookings.

Working style

Run one-time classes or a series of sessions over a specific period. Alternatively, collect bookings on a day-to-day basis for your recurring classes. You'll never have to configure the sessions repeatedly.

Grow faster with Zoho Bookings

Revenue growth

Qualify your leads by using custom fields in your booking form. Collect full or partial payments in advance to eliminate no-shows. Reduce cancellations and unexpected revenue dips by setting a cut-off date for people to reschedule and cancel their appointment.

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*Comparing yearly prices for Zoho Bookings premium plan with Calendly's professional plan


Key features of Zoho Bookings

Two-way calendar sync

Connect your team's calendars to Zoho Bookings. Avoid double-booking and increase efficiency. See your schedule for the day, week, and month on our calendar dashboard.

Monthly view of Zoho Bookings calendar dashboard.

Team scheduling

Share pooled availability with customers on the booking page. Allow customers to choose a staff member or opt for using our round-robin algorithm to allocate appointments. Enhance collaboration with collective booking for effortless panel meetings.

Viewing appointment info in Zoho Bookings calendar dashboard.

Update your CRM

Keep track of your appointments, mark customers as a lead or contact, and plan for follow-up from your CRM. Use our built-in integration with Zoho CRM or connect to another CRM with Zapier or Zoho Flow.

Contacts module inside Zoho CRM.
Contacts module inside Zoho CRM.

Notifications and reminders

Confirm appointments and send reminders with email and SMS. Personalize these emails with the customer’s name, the sender’s address, and the online meeting link.

Use Booking Variables to automatically customize these emails for each appointment. Edit emails as text, or design them as HTML.

Preview of appointment confirmation email in Zoho Bookings.
Preview of appointment confirmation email in Zoho Bookings.


Do you run a business chain spread across several cities? Use workspaces to streamline services across multiple locations. Allow customers to view multiple services offered and book their preferred service effortlessly. Alternatively, you can harness workspaces for seamless multi-department management.

SMS booking reminders

Connect to your domain

Shape your brand perception the way you want to. Map your booking page to your domain and stay in line with your brand identity. Choose from three types of booking pages: staff, service, and workspace.

Booking page for a salon.

Customize your booking pages in three steps

Upload a background image and your logo, set a theme that resonates with your brand, and update the page content. There are millions of booking page designs that you can start working with in minutes. No need to learn CSS or HTML.

Pointing out logo, background, and colors of a sample Zoho Bookings booking page.

Embed your booking page

Zoho Bookings offers multiple ways to share availability with customers. You can use the customizable booking page, or embed it on your website. Either way, you'll be able to show your customers your best self.

Embed your booking page

Qualify appointments

Ask questions on the appointment booking form. Multi-line fields and checkboxes make it quick and easy to ask customers about their preferences and expectations.

Zoho Bookings intake forms

Online payment

Collect payments ahead of your appointment and minimize losses due to no-shows. Avoid awkward payment follow-ups. You can collect a deposit or partial payment, too. To facilitate your customers across the globe, we offer integrations with more than five payment platforms.

Payment integrations in Zoho Bookings    

Meet online

Meet customers online using Zoho Meeting, MS Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. Every time a customer books an appointment, they'll get a link to join the meeting online.

Meet online with Zoho Bookings

Rent resources

Whether you want to lease sports equipment or rent out office space, Zoho Bookings has you covered. Charge clients on an hourly basis or any custom duration within 24 hours based on your preferences.

Rent resources

Mobile app with native features

Our apps for iOS and Android devices update you about changes to your schedule in real time. Look up customer details, previous bookings, and even share your booking page—all from your phone.


Flexible payment plans

To subscribe for Zoho Bookings, you can make payments monthly or annually. You can also add users one by one. This makes it easier for smaller teams and businesses to automate their scheduling in an affordable way.


Enterprise scheduling

We offer enterprise level security, SSO, 99.9% SLA, and APIs for organizations with a large number of users. We're GDPR and CCPA certified, and we take our customer's privacy seriously.


Best of all? Zoho's got your back.

We're known for our commitment to customer privacy, transparency in pricing, and our integrated suite of products. We listen to our customers and continuously provide feature updates, while keeping our prices affordable and our support top-notch.

Zoho Bookings vs Calendly pricing 2024

This compares Calendly's Standard and Teams pricing plans with Zoho Bookings' Premium pricing plan. Zoho Bookings also has a Basic plan, which you can check out here.

Scroll right to see the table  

  • Cost

      /user/month 3 workspaces included

    $10per user per month

    $16per user per month

  •   Add staff at:   $10 $16
  •   Add workspaces at:   Not applicable Not applicable
  •   Services and appointments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  • Workspaces / locations / departments Unlimited    

    Virtual space dedicated to a service or group of services. Learn more

  • Online meeting tool integration      
    Zoho Bookings has a workspace feature which allows you to create departments or locations that reflect your organization structure. Both Zoho Bookings and Calendly allow you to start even with one user in their plans.
  • Appointment types One-on-one      
  •   Group bookings      
  •   Recurring group bookings      

    We offer two types of recurring group events: Series and Drop-in Learn more

  •   Collective bookings      
  •   Paid appointments      
    In Zoho Bookings, you can create recurring group appointments like a class. You can customize them to be a drop-in or a series booking based on your needs.
  • Two-way calendar sync   Zoho, Google, Office 365   Google, Office 365   Google, Office 365
  • Calendar connections per user Six Six Six
    Both Zoho Bookings and Calendly allow you to integrate and check availability from six calendar connections.
  • Scheduling Online bookings for clients      
  •   Manual self-bookings      
  •   Rescheduling      
  •   Cancelling      
  •   Invite guests      
  •   Round robin algorithm      
  •   Custom pricing, duration, and buffer times for services      
  •   Team scheduling      
  •   Custom workflows      
  •   Notes for appointments      
  •   Master control to admin/user events      
    Both apps perform well on basic scheduling needs. However, Zoho Bookings has features like round robin algorithms at a reasonable price, giving you a bang for your buck.
  • Notifications and reminders Automatic confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails      
  •   Customize email notifications      
  •   Import HTML email templates      

    Use your own HTML templates for email notifications. Learn more

  •   Change sender email address      

    Choose your preferred email address for email communications.

  •   SMS reminders      
  •   In product notification      

    Get web app notifications for appointments, payments, and other important events. Learn more

    Both Zoho Bookings and Calendly have notifications and reminders to give updates about an appointment. However, with Zoho Bookings you can brand your emails by importing your email templates for communication with clients. You can also personalize your emails further by changing the default sender address to that of your business, admin, or staff.
  • Booking page Customize booking links for staff and services      
  •   Display logo, image, custom message - branding      
  •   Customize booking page colors       (For website embed only)
  •   Remove brand logos from booking page      
  •   Booking page themes (Layout)      

    Showcase your booking page to customers in multiple ways. Learn more

  •   Automatic time zone conversion      
  •   Enable/disable services/booking page      
  •   Add custom fields to booking form      
  •   Embed booking page in your website      
  •   Customer sign up page (customer portal)      

    A portal for customers to keep track of their appointments

  •   Connect to your domain      

    Attach the booking page to your domain.

  •   Customers select staff      

    Allow customers to choose a preferred staff member for the appointment.

    Zoho Bookings allows you to map the booking page to your domain which keeps customers in your website. The design customization options available in Zoho Bookings are better allowing you to match your brand colors on the standalone booking page or when you embed it on your website.
  • Integrations Built-in CRM integration Zoho CRM Hubspot Salesforce, Hubspot
  •   Built-in online meeting scheduler Zoho Meeting, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, others via Zoho Flow/Zapier Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom, others via Zapier Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom, others via Zapier
  •   Browser extension      
  •   Integrations via APIs and Webhooks      
  •   Other integrations via third-parties Zoho Flow, Zapier Zapier Zapier
  •   Payment gateways      
  •   SMS gateways       (Only with zapier)
    Both apps have integrations necessary for a sales team: CRM and Online meeting.
  • Reports Reports for appointments and revenue      
  •   Appointment history      
    Zoho Bookings' reporting module is better compared to Calendly because of its unique ability to generate reports on both appointments and revenue. This helps you stay on top of your finances.
  • Others Mobile app (iOS and Android)      
  •   Resource scheduling      

    Simplify resource rentals (rooms, halls, equipment internally/externally).

  •   Customize in-app text      
  •   Priority support      
  •   HIPAA compliant      

    Protect customer health information with HIPAA.Learn more

  •   Live chat support      
    You can also use Zoho Bookings to schedule resources like office spaces and sports facilities. Unlike Calendly, Zoho Bookings is HIPAA-compliant.

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