Introducing Writer in Cliq: Now, work on docs from the comfort of your Cliq window!

Now share, view and create new documents while comfortably having a conversation on Cliq. 

Don’t we all love it when we can reap the benefits of two products in one? Like reversible jackets, laptops that also work as tablets, and bottle opener key chains. Similarly, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could access Writer from your Cliq window? With this new update, we’re bringing you the power of Writer to your everyday business chat platform.

Here’s everything you can do with Writer in Cliq:

Share documents

You can now view your recent and favorite documents, share documents with colleagues, and even view the ones shared with you—all while maintaining a seamless conversation on Cliq.

Simply drop the link of the document you want to share into your colleague’s chat window. If you haven’t already granted permission to the document, Cliq will automatically ask you to grant it. You no longer have to set Viewing Permissions for each document in Writer separately. It’s that simple.

If your colleague wants you to take a quick look at a document, you can easily preview the shared document directly in Cliq, without wasting time opening the Writer app in another tab or window.


Edit document properties

Take control of your documents even when you’re in the middle of a meeting. You can quickly edit the names of your recent documents, mark them as final, and even lock a document’s content—all without leaving your Cliq window.


Create docs in an instant

As we always say, “Writer is there whenever inspiration strikes”. Even if it happens in the middle of a conversation on Cliq with your colleague. With the Writer Widget, you can view all your Writer docs and access options to create new documents and templates.


Do it faster with shortcuts

Using the slash (/) shortcuts, you can find and share documents directly in a chat, jot down ideas and save them in Writer, or even convert a message into a document. Sharing documents with an external client? Simply use the shortcuts in Cliq to send your documents as a PDF or Word document.


That’s all for now. Let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.

Happy writing and stay safe!


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