Zoho Workerly + Roster View: An equation for smart scheduling

Zoho Workerly's Roster View

We are delighted to introduce Roster View for a better temp scheduling experience.

Time-consuming phone calls and emails are now being replaced by the effective and fast temp scheduling software. A simple and streamlined scheduling solution can increase the efficiency of your temp staffing agency by lowering temp costs and turnover rates.

Capterra's Recruiting Software Impact Report states, "Whether you are a self-employed recruiter starting out or a small recruitment agency, you will reach a point where you will want to move from your reliable Excel spreadsheets and free tools to a professional recruiting solution. 75% of recruiters and talent managers use some form of recruiting. Of those, 94% say software has improved their hiring process."

As a temp staffing agent, it is your job to ensure that clients are provided with temps that meet their specific needs. This requires frequent updates to your staffing strategies to keep up with current hiring trends. It's definitely not easy business!

As your number of temps increases, you'll need to simplify the scheduling process. The good news is Zoho Workerly has come up with a solution: Roster View for our Jobs and Temps modules. Workerly's Roster View shows job openings and available temps in just a few clicks. By accepting or declining a job inside the app, the roster is automatically updated.

Roster View at a glance:

In the Jobs module, you can keep track of your schedule by visualizing date ranges. Job schedules, unavailability, base pay rates, and more are displayed in calendar format. This reduces the chance of overworking temps and running into schedule clashes. Our advanced search feature helps out here as well. Filter your temps within the Roster View with custom criteria. Upon scheduling, click Publish and Notify to save the schedule and notify the temps.

The Temps module has a new-look, but we have kept the List View for those that prefer it. The new Roster View allows you to look over temp details and assign temps even faster. Clicking on a temp's name will allow you to see their base pay and scheduled work hours. Send mass invites, updates, and emails all within the same interface.

Both the Temps and Jobs modules are equipped with Weekly Projections to show the total working hours and daily revenue generated by your temps. This gives you a good idea of how well you have scheduled temps and met your targets.

A good roster plan ensures that the right temps are assigned to shifts that match their profiles. This keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. A smart roster design helps you spot scheduling issues that can lead to productivity problems and affect your relationship with clients.

Learn more about Zoho Workerly's Roster View here.

We are always working on more features to serve all your unique use cases. Stay tuned!

Questions? Feedback? Comments? Write to us at support@zohoworkerly.com.


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