Transitioning to remote temp staffing

The current COVID-19 situation is still ongoing. While the world tries to find a resolution, appreciation goes out to those who are still able to work to keep the economy going strong.

As more and more people start working remotely, the demand for temporary work is not going down. Online internships, tutors, temps at supermarkets, delivery executives, and more are all in high demand. The pandemic may still be working its way across the globe, but essential work functions still go on in whatever way they can.

Ireland's biggest grocery distributor, Musgrave, is hiring hundreds of new temporary staff to handle the increased demand due to COVID-19.

As people gather supplies, grocery stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores are hiring more temporary staff to help stock and deliver products on time. They must also fill in for regular employees who are sick or have to stay home to take care of their families.

Online shopping is experiencing a surge in growth while in-store shopping has been hurt by this situation. This trend has led to an increased demand for temps as warehouse and delivery executives.

As many restaurants like Starbucks decide to respect social distancing, To Go models have been introduced. People still like to get their favorite foods delivered to their door, so food delivery apps have implemented a new option called no-contact delivery. Third-party food services are hiring more temps to run food deliveries.

Social distancing is an important measure during this crisis. Considering current global health concerns, a tool to manage your work and productivity while being away from the office is essential. When it comes to temporary workforce management, temp staffing software is a great choice.

A permanent solution for temporary staffing

Zoho Workerly has been developed with just one thing in mind: empowering your temporary workforce. For temp agencies, it’s time to make your mark by expertly handling this spike in temp demand. Clients have bigger expectations and want you to deliver the right talent to them quickly. This is a challenge, but not one you can't overcome.

Trust Zoho Workerly's temp scheduling software designed for agents to seamlessly schedule jobs, generate timesheets, and send out invoices—all while working remotely. For all those brave hearts who are stepping out during this pandemic to support us with timely services, Zoho Workerly's worker app keeps them informed on the go.

Realizing the importance of social distancing is the need of the hour. Empower your temporary workforce by digitizing temp staffing hoping this virus will be contained soon and life resumes to normal for all of us. Please stay safe and we wish you and your families the best.

May the tempforce be with you!


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