Introducing Zoho Sign’s integration with Microsoft Power Automate

In this competitive world that refuses to wait for anyone, it's important that we stay at the top of our game. Businesses can't afford to lose time and resources doing the same tasks daily, and are rapidly shifting to digital automation solutions.

Zoho Sign - Microsoft Power automate 

Zoho Sign, Zoho’s digital signature application, helps businesses collect signatures on documents and manage your signed paperwork entirely online in a secure and convenient manner. Zoho has been actively working on various integrations with industry leaders in each domain of business technology.

 Today, we're introducing Zoho Sign's integration with Microsoft Power Automate—the automation tool that connects you with all your favorite apps. With this integration, we combine the ease of automating everyday tasks and effortless management of anything that needs to be signed!

 Here are a few examples where this integration can be helpful:

  • Automate digital signature collections
  • Send reminders to stakeholders
  • Sync document-related and signature-related data across your favourite apps

What is a flow ?

A flow is an automated workflow you make on Power Automate. You can create three types of flows:

  • Cloud flows
  • Desktop flows
  • Business process flows

Each flow consists of corresponding triggers and actions. It is a series of connections between various supported apps and ecosystems on Power Automate. It can be set up in minutes without any coding to automate your daily tasks that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

 For example: With an integration for whenever a new person joins your organization, a document will be sent to them requesting their signature through Zoho Sign.

 What’s a trigger?

 A trigger is an event-based condition that, when satisfied, carries out one or more actions.

Zoho Sign offers seven triggers on Power Automate that can be added to your flow. These triggers are different types of interactions related to your documents: signed, completed, declined, recalled, expired, viewed, and forwarded. You can use these to set up follow-up actions on other apps when these events take place in Zoho Sign.

 What are actions?

 Actions are the response to the triggers when they are activated. Zoho Sign offers 14 responses to the various triggers in Power Automate (these triggers don't necessarily need to be from Zoho Sign).

Do I need to learn coding to use Zoho Sign with Power Automate?

 No! The integration is a no-code, drag and drop interface where you only need to configure the flow of triggers and actions. Once a flow is set up and reviewed, your tasks will be executed automatically and you can focus on other activities that need more attention.

 Where do I start?

This integration is already available for all Power Automate users.

There are three ways to create a flow on power automate:

  • Start from blank
  • Start from a template
  • Start from a connecter

 You can check out this latest integration and explore the various triggers and actions in Zoho Sign by building flows today.

 Let us know how it helps power you through your daily tasks. We recommend you to read our help document to get started with the Zoho Sign connector for Microsoft Power Automate.

 If you’re not already a Zoho Sign customer, head over to and sign up for a free 14-day enterprise trial. For feedback, queries, and personalized demo requests, write to us at

 Happy signing!


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