How Japanese businesses can say goodbye to paper and seals with Zoho Sign

Konnichiwa, Japan! When the pandemic hit , the landscape of the business world changed drastically. Countries that were still considering a transition to the digital world, were suddenly hurled into online transactions, remote work, and other virtual systems.

The biggest challenge was digitally transforming paperwork! Figuring out a secure and simple way to close business deals online while working with clients and colleagues remotes was definitely a hassle.

With the Japanese Government envisioning a completely digital economy for Japan in the coming years, Zoho Sign is the perfect tool for Japanese businesses to transition into and champion the digital world.

The Japanese have been using Hanko or han for decades in their everyday life to sign and seal documents. Hankos have served as a symbol of high security and are considered tamperproof. In short, sealing a document or transaction with a hanko speaks to it's irrefutable authenticity.

Given the recent shift toward total digitization, you may have faced challenges physically getting a hanko on your documents. Zoho Sign has the solution! Easily upload a picture of your hanko to any document to help maintain both the tradition and security of a physically signed document.

Are digital signatures recognized in Japan?

To simplify the process of document digitization, the Japanese government has introduced laws and amendments that make digital signatures acceptable and valid in Japan.

In fact, eSignatures have been recognized as a legally valid signing option since 2000 in Japan. The Act on Electronic Signatures and Certification Business is the governing law on the legality of electronic signatures for certified business transactions.

How will Zoho Sign help?

Paperless transactions are the way of the future. Not only are they more efficient, they also positively impact the environment. By switching to an eSign app like Zoho Sign, businesses can significantly reduce the cost of document signing and save countless hours of paperwork and processing. This can lead to greater employee satisfaction and productivity.

Seiko time stamping
Zoho Sign offers time stamping by Seiko, a time-stamping authority (TSA) accredited by Japan Data Communications Association (JADAC). This helps ensure the authenticity of your document and the time stamp, as mandated by Japanese law.

Sign in Japanese
Business is more convenient when you can communicate in your own language. That's why Zoho Sign enables you to sign in Japanese, along with other global languages.

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Happy signing!


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