Get documents signed faster with auto-place text tags and automatic field detection for fillable PDFs

The digital signing process is becoming more efficient day by day. But in lengthy paperwork, adding the required fields for signers manually is still very time-consuming and can lead to errors. This is where automatic field detection and auto-placement of fields via text tags come into play.

What is automatic field detection?
Modern businesses that have gone fully digital often have their agreements stored as fillable PDF files. With Zoho Sign, you can upload your fillable PDF, and the app will automatically detect the form fields and convert them into Zoho Sign fields for you.

What are fillable PDFs?
Fillable PDFs are interactive documents that include form fields for users to add their own details. They work only on a few compatible devices.

What is automatic field addition? How is it different from automatic field detection?
With automatic field addition, you can add fields to your documents at the time of document creation using placeholders known as text tags. This is a handy feature when you have integrated Zoho Sign with your CRM software, HRMS, or any other tool that helps you run your business online.

What are text tags?
Text tags are unique identifiers that are associated with form fields. You can use a text tag in your document as a placeholder for your signer fields. When a document with text tags is added to Zoho Sign and sent out for signature, the text tags will be replaced by their respective signer fields.

For instance, to add a full-name field to your document, all you have to do is type {{Fullname}} or {{N}} at the field's location instead of manually adding it via drag-and-drop.

How does this help you?
These features help you accelerate the document creation process, thus streamlining your business processes and making them even more convenient.

Increased efficiency
Automatically detecting and placing the required fields makes the workflow creation process significantly faster, freeing time to focus on other crucial tasks.

Improved user experience
The use of automatic field detection makes the process of sending out documents more user-friendly, reducing frustration and improving the overall user experience.

Get started!
Check our detailed help documentation on automatic field detection and automatic field addition with text tags to get started with this right away.

Experience the product by signing up for a free 14-day Enterprise trial. You can share your feedback by dropping your comments below or by sending us an email at or (if you reside in the EU). 

Happy signing!


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