Using Flickr images in your Zoho Show presentation

Zoho Show has this cool functionality of pulling in images from your Flickr account & embedding them into your presentations. One of our users had sent us mail saying he was having trouble loading his photos from his Flickr account into his Zoho Show presentation. For the benefit of all, here are the steps for getting this done.

1. Create a new presentation, a new slide & click on the ‘Insert Image’ icon (from the Zoho Show toolbar)
2. In the popup bubble that opens, click on the ‘From Flickr’ tab
3. It will initially say ‘No images available’ as your Flickr account is not configured
4. Click on ‘Settings’ link (top right). Click on the ‘Click Here’ to configure Flicker account link. (make sure you are logged out of Flickr as asked there!)
5. A new browser window opens taking you to the Flickr account page. Log in giving proper credentials
6. Once logged in, Flickr asks for a confirmation on whether to approve Zoho Show to use your private photos. (The message goes something like ‘Zoho Show wants your photos to be used. Approve?)
7. Click on ‘Yes’ and you get the message ‘Flickr Account has been configured.’
8. Go back to the ‘My Images’ tab in the popup bubble in Zoho Show & come back to the ‘From Flickr’ tab. It should be showing all your Flickr photos

If you are still facing issues in getting your Flickr photos, tell us in which step you encountered the problem. I’ll also try updating this post with some screenshots.

And thanks to the Flickr team, for providing us with an API to let this happen! Hopefully all Zoho products will follow Zoho Planner in opening up their APIs.


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