The Zoho Show app: Keeping you business ready at all times

A business opportunity might present itself at a moment’s notice—which is why you always need to be prepared. The Zoho Show app for iOS lets you keep your slide presentations on your iPhone or iPad and take them anywhere you go. This way, you can make every opportunity count.

Zoho Show also helps you make your presentations more dynamic. You can easily AirPlay (provides dual screen experience) your show on the big screen. Now you can move around, engage your audience, and control your slides from any part of the room, with just the swipe of a finger.

Our highlighter tool helps you emphasize points on a slide and draw your audience’s attention to important details.

Zoho Show even incorporates PPTX files in your Files app. Any PPTX imported from your iPhone or iPad using the Show app will be presentation ready. Imported slide decks also work offline, syncing with your account once you log back in.

The Zoho Show app fully embraces iOS. Use features like 3D Touch to quickly access slide decks, and combine Apple Pencil with our highlighter tool to catch your customer’s eye. The Zoho Show app is also Touch ID and Face ID enabled, so you can keep your presentations secure. When it comes to iOS, the Zoho Show app is fully integrated with its many unique features.


The Zoho Show app for iOS transforms the way presentations are conducted and makes them interactive, engaging, and memorable.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Zoho Show app today.

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