How-To : Using the 'Master View' Template Options in Zoho Show

Typically, organizations and businesses have pre-designed templates. Let’s see how Zoho Show helps you create a custom template that you can use for your business presentations.

Create a New presentation in Zoho Show. Click on the Slide View menu and you will see the Master View option in the drop-down list. Choosing this view will let you customize your slide properties.

Font type & size
You can customize the way you want the text font & size in both the title and the inner slides. And where you want to put your title text, whether you want it center or left aligned etc.

Inserting Images
You can insert images like say, your company logo to the Title & Slide Master. And this will automatically get reflected in all slides of your presentation.

Background theme
The background theme can be changed from the ones that come with Zoho Show by default. Right click on the background theme and click on Delete Object. The background becomes blank. You can insert a Shape, make it as the background, right-click on it and change its Properties like different pre-set color variations and gradient effects.

Click on More -> Add Footer. You can insert slide number, date & time and also add a short footer message.

Once the master layout has been customized, you can have it saved. You can re-use this for making your presentations by using the Save As option (creating duplicates of the template you created).

Hope that helps you design your next unique business presentation. Try Zoho Show now.


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