5 reasons to go mobile for your next presentation

The convenience of smartphones enhance our day to day lives in countless ways. With more than 2.5 million apps available across Google and Apple app stores, it’s clear smartphones have endless potential for usefulness in any situation, and Zoho Show is making it easier to use your mobile device as a powerful business and collaboration tool.

If you think creating an effective presentation means sitting down with your computer and spending hours organizing your information, formatting your slides, and finding the perfect photo or graphic to illustrate your points, we’re excited to offer a more convenient solution: Zoho Show for mobile.

Zoho Show’s mobile app offers a snappy experience and smooth interface, making it easy to draft engaging presentations instantly, give an impromptu sales pitch to your prospect and seal the deal just by using your mobile phones.

Here are five reasons to use your smartphone for your next presentation:

Create presentations with convenience

Transform your ideas into communicable resources by choosing from a myriad of shapes, charts, tables, animations, infographics and smart elements to engage your prospects’ attention. The Show app provides you with the tools and information necessary to create a compelling presentation with a tap of your fingertip.

Bring your team closer 

You may be travelling to your next client meeting while your teammate is leaving on a vacation, but you can still stay connected with Show’s advanced collaborative capabilities. Show allows you to converse with your team and collaborate directly on the slides of your presentation, rather than just messaging from afar, so you can use images and contextual comments to communicate better.

Effortlessly share your work

In today’s busy world, sharing your presentations traditionally is getting more complex. Use Zoho Show to share presentations and avoid any hassle. Show gives you complete control of your presentation by allowing you to limit file access, assigning roles to collaborators, and receive real-time notifications of changes on your mobile device.

Deliver your ideas on the go 

Instead of asking your sales prospects, colleagues, or partners to take time out of their busy schedules, make your presentation convenient for them to access any time, anywhere. Use Show to reach people who would rather review content on their own schedule or can’t make it to a scheduled presentation. Whatever the scenario might be, Show helps you get things done.

Expand your network

You never know when you’ll meet a new business prospect, but with Show’s mobile app the possibilities are endless. You can walk into an event with only your smartphone and use Show to deliver your presentation on a large screen—no messy wires or cables to worry about. Deliver elevator pitches on the spot, reach remote audiences, and never let a hot lead go cold.

The opportunity to chase your dreams can appear any time, anywhere—be prepared for anything with Zoho Show.

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