Zoho Sheet Update

After our Macros and Pivot Tables update in April, we did couple of updates in Zoho Sheet and here are the highlights.

New Theme – Mint Blue

The first thing you are likely to notice is that Zoho Sheet now sports a light blue theme as in the screenshot below (click on image to enlarge). This blue theme has been made as the default theme. You can select the various themes from the Themes menu at the top.

Public Spreadsheet URLs

We have made the URL of your public spreadsheets much shorter and much more readable. For example: http://sheet.zoho.com/public/sripathyramesh/crm-calculator. Your existing public URLs and embedded spreadsheets will continue to work as well.

We have also provided a page for an user’s public spreadsheets. For example http://sheet.zoho.com/public/dreamisle/ lists the public spreadsheets of dreamisle and you can find some nice spreadsheet puzzles there. There is also an RSS feed provided for an user’s public spreadsheets.

You can now export a public spreadsheet by appending .filetype at the end of the URL. For example: http://sheet.zoho.com/public/username/documentname.xls will export the spreadsheet to XLS format. Supported extensions include xls, sxc, csv, html and pdf.

We also show the number of views of a public spreadsheet. They are available at the top of a public spreadsheet. We have been tracking views since the last 3 months.

Charting Enhancements:

We have done some enhancements to our charting engine.

– You can draw charts on a different sheet in the same workbook.
– Charts on discontiguous data ranges are supported as well.
– The Y-Axis scale of charts will automatically be adjusted depending on the values.
– We have also changed the default chart colors as seen in the above screenshot.

More enhancements in Charting on the way.

Other Enhancements:

  • Zoho Sheet is now available in Norwegian language thanks to our users who translated them. Zoho Sheet is now available in 20 languages.
  • Auto Sum functionality has been enhanced. It will now automatically select the range at the top or left, when you press the Auto Sum (Sigma) button or use the shortcut Alt+=.
  • Some performance improvements have been done in Formula Recalculation and Range selections.
  • Some fixes have gone in too.

Read our What’s New page for more detailed information.

Keep using Zoho Sheet and let us know your feedback.


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