Introducing user-level filters and named filters in Zoho Sheet

User-level filters in Zoho Sheet

Live collaboration is a great way to bring remote teams together, but it can be annoying at times. Let’s say you are working on a task list and your teammate decides to filter the spreadsheet data. Poof! The whole data view changes for you, making you lose context and eventually halting your work.

User-level filters in Zoho Sheet

To solve this problem, we are happy to present user-level filters in Zoho Sheet. With this update, the filters that you apply will not be reflected for others, meaning you and your collaborators can now apply personalized filers on the same spreadsheet without hindering each other. Each user’s filter will be remembered upon opening the file, so you can start working right where you left off.

Saving named filters 

Named filters in Zoho Sheet

If you have specific criteria-based data that needs constant monitoring, you can now create and save filters with the desired conditions. These named filters will be accessible to all the collaborators (including those with read-only permission) in the spreadsheet, thus making it easy to study data without having to choose the filter conditions repeatedly.


Set filter as default 

Set as document filter

The revamped filter also allows you to choose which filter should be applied by default when users open the file for the first time. This works for published spreadsheets too. For example, you can set a predefined filter to display only the tasks that are pending.

The next time your collaborator applies a filter, you won’t feel a thing! Click here to learn more about how to use user-level and named filters.

Try out the collaboration-friendly filters and leave your feedback in the comments below.


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