Google Spreadsheets Launch: what does it mean for Zoho Sheet?

Few hours back google has launched its spreadsheets. The attention triggered by this annoucement has increased our zoho sheet traffic and registrations (with google restricting to limited signup). Thank you Google 🙂

We anticipated this service from Google. We don’t see them as a threat. Google is focusing more on web 2.0 features like sharing and collaboration (by integrating chat features) rather trying to bring the MS Excel experience on web (though this is pretty early to comment upon). We think, zoho sheet can offer more value to the enterprises and traditional spreadsheet users by bringing most used features of excel on web and more. For instance, our focus would be more on charts, reports, integration with online databases, etc rather focusing on chat kind-of features – this may bring cool effect but not sure how far this would be used by serious users.

Zoho Sheet focus would be to offer more value for the enterprise market and small groups of business users.

One good about this announcement is that indirectly we get mentions by bloggers along with this news. Techcrunch has mentioned us

While you are waiting for your invitation you may want to try out one of the other Ajax spreadsheet applications out there, such as ZohoSheet,..

Thanks for the mention, Mike.



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