SalesIQ-Haptik integration: AI-powered conversations now made easier


AI chatbots are software programs built to replicate human interactions. They use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and respond to them using built-in resources.

Conversational AI chatbots are an asset to businesses today for how they provide immediate assistance to customers round-the-clock as well as the following benefits:

  • A consistent personality and tone

  • Can assist multiple customers concurrently

  • Automate lead generation and lead nurturing

  • Get repetitive chats out of the way for agents so they can focus on more complex ones

  • Aren’t restricted to a scripted flow and learn from conversations

  • Hand the chat over to a human if the bot can’t answer a question

  • Help automate tasks like making a reservation or finding a product/service

  • Save support costs

  • Provide insights on customer behavior, help you improve website content, and remove bottleneck

An introduction to Haptik

Haptik provides conversational AI solutions for all industry and business requirements. Their proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU); tailor-made, industry-specific NLP; and Machine and Deep Learning models ensure maximum chatbot accuracy and minimum bot fails. With AI analytics and out-of-the-box channels and integrations, they aim to help businesses deliver great end-to-end customer experience.

SalesIQ’s integration with Haptik

We’re delighted to announce that we‘ve added Haptik to our growing list of AI integrations. With the Haptik integration, you can build, test, and deploy a bot—all within just 30 mins. Read on to learn how this integration helps you.

Here’s what the SalesIQ-Haptik integration offers

What SalesIQ users get

SalesIQ‘s integration with Haptik gives you editable chatbot flows for industries like ecommerce, telecom, insurance, financial lending, DTH, and gaming that you can tweak to your requirements. These are built by conversation designers and linguistics experts after analyzing over 3 million customer conversations. You can also build your own bot flow using prebuilt task automation blocks like:

  • Order tracking and product recommendations for ecommerce

  • Credit score and mortgage calculators for BFSIs

  • Plan recommendations and troubleshooting for telecom providers

  • And more

If at any point a customer needs to talk to a human agent, the bot can easily hand over the chat.

 The SalesIQ-Haptik integration also comes with an intent discovery tool that uses your past customer chats and support tickets to tell you what your customers expect from your bot, so your chatbot isn’t built on guesswork.

The integration also lets you build and deploy multi-lingual chatbots that can assist your customers in the language they prefer. It combines language translation with your own library of domain-specific terms to improve translation accuracy.

What Haptik users get 

Real-time insights on website traffic

Haptik’s integration with SalesIQ lets you view your website visitors in real time along with details like their location, actions, and time spent on your site. You can also prioritize leads with rule-based automated lead scoring. In addition, you get notified as soon as high-value prospects or customers land on your website so you don’t miss out on those once-in-a-lifetime deals!

Smart, proactive chat triggers

You don’t have to wait for visitors to start a conversation with your bot anymore. SalesIQ helps you reach out to your most important prospects at the right time and convert them faster. All you need to do is set up rules based on the prospect’s lead score, stage in the sales funnel, page they’re on, time spent on the page or website, and more.

Best-in-class website and mobile app live chat

Zoho SalesIQ’s website and mobile app live chat comes with real-time translation, voice note, voice calls, screen sharing, and remote support capabilities. It also lets you build an in-chat knowledge base with answers to FAQs and links to detailed articles on your product/service, which your bot can reference or customers can search for answers.

Unified view of customer data

The Haptik-SalesIQ integration also helps boost agent productivity with custom widgets to pull data from apps like your CRM or helpdesk software and display them right next to the chat screen so agents don’t have to switch tabs in the middle of a chat or call. 

Reports and analytics

This integration also gives you powerful reports and insights on your customer engagement metrics like traffic numbers, visitor activity, or even your team’s performance. That’s not even the best part! You can also configure important daily and monthly reports to be delivered right to your inbox so you’re always in the know.

Powerful in-house and third-party integrations

Integrated customer engagement suite
Ready to give it a spin? Sign up for free and follow this step by step guide to get the best of SalesIQ and Haptik!


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