Unveiling the UAE edition of Zoho Payroll

Meet Zoho Payroll for the UAE, Zoho's very own cloud payroll software built to make the payroll process refreshingly simple and smart. After simplifying payroll for thousands of businesses in India and the US, we're now making payroll easier for businesses in the UAE.


From an easy-to-use interface, to automatic calculations and compliance, Zoho Payroll's UAE edition is packed with everything you've always looked for in a payroll solution.

Automation to reduce errors and work faster

Once you complete your one-time setup, Zoho Payroll will automatically calculate your employees' gross salary, deductions, and net salary for every pay run.

And the automation doesn't just end there.

  1. Deduct employee contributions towards applicable pension schemes automatically.
  2. Pick your pay schedule and don't worry about pay day falling on a weekend or a holiday; the app will adjust your pay runs for the previous business day.
  3. Support your employees with loans in times of need, and deduct repayments automatically.
  4. Generate and send payslips instantly after every pay run.


Built-in compliance to keep your slate clean

Compliance with the UAE labour laws, such as Wage Protection System, Employee Pensions, and Gratuity, are built into the system so you can run a compliant payroll.

  1. Wage Protection System (WPS): Generate prefilled Salary Information File (SIF) files and process payroll payments effortlessly through WPS or your bank's website.
  2. Pension: Employ GCC nationals and manage their pensions with ease, as Zoho Payroll is compliant with GPSSA, ADRBPF, GOSI, SIO, PASI, PIFSS, and GRSIA.

  3. End of service benefits: Once you initiate the exit process for an expatriate, Gratuity is automatically calculated based on contract type, separation type, and free zones.

Integrations that bring your operations together

Zoho Payroll integrates with Zoho People, our HR software, to manage the people in your payroll seamlessly. Key information like employee details, attendance, overtime data, and Loss of Pay (LOP) reports from Zoho People will be automatically pulled into Zoho Payroll during every pay run.

Through Zoho Payroll's powerful integration with Zoho Books, our VAT-compliant accounting software, you can automate your entire payroll accounting cycle. Automatically record journal entries for each pay period and keep your books up to date.

Zoho Payroll also integrates with our travel and expense management software, Zoho Expense, so you can pay your employees' business reimbursements and salaries in one shot from a unified ecosystem.

Customizations to make the app your own

We have made Zoho Payroll highly customizable so you can make the app work the way you want.

  • Enjoy complete flexibility to pick your payroll routine, select your preferred pay day, and pause pay runs for employees.
  • Customize salary structures for each employee by choosing different allowances and earnings based on the individual's job role and pay scale.
  • Get insights about your payroll process by generating custom reports for a specific period, work location, department, or employee designation.
  • Create user roles and give your teams controlled access to sensitive payroll data.

Modern self-service portals for your employees

Zoho Payroll comes with an intuitive employee self-service portal app to let your employees access their payroll information from wherever they are. Communicate easily with them through the app and solve their payslip-related queries quickly.

Gain access to the free employee mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms.


Extensive reports with actionable insights

The system auto-generates 20+ payroll reports, including employee salary registers, salary revision reports, gratuity liability, and more. With such comprehensive reports available, you can gain complete understanding of your payroll expenses and make decisions to improve your business's financial health.


Flexible pricing to fulfill all your payroll needs

Zoho strives to build products that are adequately priced and provide the utmost value to our customers. The stellar features in Zoho Payroll come at an affordable price of AED 11 per employee, per month, billed annually. Additionally, we offer a standard plan at AED 7 per employee, per month, billed annually to help growing businesses automate their payroll. 

Take a look at our pricing plans, compare which one is best for you, and make an informed decision.

We're sure Zoho Payroll will add immense value to your business and help you perfect your payroll as you grow. Try the product today and learn how it can simplify your payroll process.


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