Zoho Docs 2014: The Year-End Roundup

Remember that nostalgic feeling which hits you when viewing old photo albums? Each picture transports you back in time, the feeling so overwhelming that you can’t resist smiling. And that’s exactly why we are here today. To put a smile on your face.

At this perfect time of the year, with a new year just around the corner, let’s open the Zoho Docs album and take a walk down memory lane. Flipping through the pages, let’s reminiscence and rejoice in the success that the year was – A flashback of all that happened in the Zoho Docs world.

Zoho Docs 2014 Infographic

There ends our journey for the year 2014, but it was not just our journey, it was OUR journey –  with you being a big part of it. We would like to send across a big THANK YOU to all our dear customers, who made this journey a great success. Also, a big applause to the Zoho Docs team, who worked tirelessly to improve the product over the year.

But it doesn’t end here, we have loads to share, more memories to create, and a brand new journey to begin. Let’s start the year together. So, here’s Zoho Docs wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Cheers to a new beginning.


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