Relive the magic of the SA20 2024 cricket tournament with these insightful stats dashboards

The SA20 cricket tournament for 2024 was another great success, and we at Zoho had an amazing experience as their official business technology partner.

Zoho partnered with Betway SA20 this year, to build an efficient workflow for managing match tickets using Zoho Backstage. The process enabled quick retrieval and emailing of tickets to customers, as well as secure storage of ticket data within Zoho CRM, for record-keeping and tracking purposes.

Relive the magic of the SA20 2024 cricket tournament with these insightful stats dashboards

And now Zoho Analytics is here to take you down memory lane to relive the magical moments of the tournament through insightful stats and visualizations from our comprehensive SA20 statistics dashboard.

Let's dive in!

First off, Sunrisers Eastern Cape clinched the trophy for the second time. The team performed remarkably in this tournament, with a 77.8% win percentage.

SA20 Sunrisers Eastern Cape win vs lost report

It's evident the team excelled in bowling; as you can see, the top 3 wicket-takers were all Sunrisers players. The chart below shows their dominance:

SA20 2024 top bowlers report

Additionally, the Sunrisers' Ottniel Baartman was named Bowler of the Season, owing to his incredible economy rate and bowling average. He had two 4-wicket hauls, including a stellar performance against the Joburg Super Kings (4-10) in the Qualifier 1 that led the team to the finals.

Earlier in the tournament, Lungi Ngidi led the table for most wickets. When we first released our bowler comparison dashboard, we highlighted the battle between Lungi Ngidi and Reece Topley. But, in the end, the Sunrisers' bowling squad secured the top three positions.

To get a better look at the stats, we built you a bowler comparison dashboard, which allows you to compare the performances of any two bowlers this season.

With this dashboard, you can compare all the relevant bowling metrics of a player, such as wickets, bowling average, economy, runs conceded, and more. Below is the interactive version of the dashboard:

(Select two bowlers from the dropdown to compare their performance)

And for those wondering about a batting dashboard? We have that one too!

With the batsmen comparison dashboard, you can compare the batting performances of any two players side-by-side, looking at runs, boundaries, strike rate, high score, and more.

Below is an interactive version of the dashboard.

(Select two batsmen from the dropdown to compare their performance)

Ryan Rickelton of MI Cape Town was the top run-scorer this season, with a whopping 530 runs, securing him as the Player of the Season. Last season's top scorer was Jos Buttler, with 391 runs.

However, Durban's Super Giants had the best batting as a team, with the duo of Matthew Breetzke and Heinrich Klaasen leading them to the finals. Klaasen was also named the Batter of the Season.

đź’ˇQuick insight: 4 of the top 10 run scorers were from Durban's Super Giants.

SA20 2024 top 10 batsmen report

We hope you enjoy playing with the interactive dashboards and comparing your favorite players, but there's more than just player stats.

Our comprehensive SA20 dashboard allows you to dive into all kinds of tournament stats and reports. Here's how we split the dashboard into multiple tabs:

  • Overview: Points table, runs by teams, wickets by teams, fours and sixes by teams, etc.
  • Batting: Top 10 run scorers, top players by boundaries, top players by high score, and more
  • Bowling: Top 10 wicket-takers, bowlers with most maidens, best bowlers by economy, average, and more
  • Team stats: Won vs lost, total runs and wickets, most runs scored for the team, most wickets taken for the team, etc.

Here's a snapshot of the dashboard:

SA20 2024 stats dashboard

(Click here to access the interactive version of the dashboard)

Our dashboard provides all the SA20 2024 stats any fan would need. You can access the full interactive dashboard here.

We appreciate the continuous fan engagement that made this SA20 season a success, but it's worth noting that Zoho Analytics has also created dashboards for various tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup, IPL, and more.

Want to build a customized dashboard like our SA20 stats dashboard? Here's a simple step-by-step guide to transforming data into visual insights using Zoho Analytics:

Creating your own dashboard with Zoho Analytics

  1. Import data
    First, import data from the source.

    We used Zoho DataPrep, our AI-powered data preparation tool, to import and prepare data from the source for analysis. We also scheduled automatic imports so our dashboard stays up to date without manual intervention.
  2. Prepare the data for analysis
    Next, we cleaned up the imported data to make it consistent across sources, as we used data from multiple websites. After data cleaning, we created a query table to bring relevant data together.

    Note: Zoho Analytics Premium and Enterprise plans allow data preparation within the app.
  3. Visualize the data
    With the query table ready, we transformed the raw data into charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Zoho Analytics' drag-and-drop interface makes this very simple.
  4. Build the dashboard
    We then organized the key reports into a dashboard with tabs and sections. We also added KPI widgets to summarize top metrics.
  5. Publish the dashboard
    Zoho Analytics provides multiple options to share and publish, like links, embed codes, and portals. This time, we used Zoho LandingPage to create dedicated pages for each dashboard.

And that's it—5 simple steps to turn your raw data into insightful visualizations with Zoho Analytics! Why make your audience pore over stale tables when they can enjoy the data visually?

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