Zoho Writer Review in Hometown Life in Michigan

Rick Broida writes about Zoho Writer in Hometown Life. Some excerpts.

It's called Zoho Writer (zohowriter.com), and it's my new favorite service.A Web-based word processor may sound like little more than a novelty, but trust me when I say it's incredibly practical. It enables me to write using any Internet-connected computer.

And because my documents are stored online, I don't have to copy them back and forth between flash drives as I go from one PC to another.

And he points to some bugs too

User beware: Zoho Writer is still in beta, and there are definitely some bugs in the system. For instance, importing and exporting Word files tends to produce some funky formatting and line spacing.What's more, while composing this very column, I reached a point where ZW kept reverting to a previously saved version -- it wouldn't save any new changes.

I had no choice but to export the document to Word and finish it offline.

Thank you for your review Rick. We had a bug when a document was shared when this happens, and we have fixed it now, and it should be updated soon. We are fine tuning the product to enhance the user experience much further.


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