Zoho this Week

Ryan at CyberNet Technology News has just discovered the Zoho QuickRead plugin (we updated it just today for it to work in Firefox 2.0). He has a nice blog post on it.

Doc-T does a nice comparison of Google’s & Zoho’s office suites.

A Type-1 diabetic, Diabetic Diner, has a log book created in Zoho Creator for following his medication.

Dan McCrea at Innerphaze who way back in December 2005 had a nice Ajax Office Review, now has a useful post titled “10 Free Online Tools for Research“. Nice to see Zoho Writer make it to his Online Word Processors list.

The Internet Librarian 2006 conference has recently concluded. Steven M Cohen, while presenting his annual presentation there had Zoho in his “What’s Hot in Social Software A to Z” list. Many blog posts refer to his presentation.

We had featured earlier a couple of poems that had Zoho in them. Here’s one more featuring many Web 2.0 companies.

Zoho, mashup, Flikr, Wiki–
Technology is getting triki.
RSS, Rollyo, Technorati
Sound like a plot by Illuminati.

I can’t help but be sus.picio.us
By a website called Del.icio.us.
Sandbox, YouTube sound like codes
In a sinister plan–by whom? Who knows?

Susan Pflug

Susan’s RimeTimer, true to its name has quite a few like the above.

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