Zoho Projects : Closer Integration with Writer/Sheet/Show and more

Zoho Projects' latest update has a few functionalities that you will love. The project files (typically doc, xls, ppt) that you have centrally loaded to the 'Documents' section of Zoho Projects are now viewable in Writer/Sheet/Show. No need to download and view them on a desktop based app. And it gets better. When you open & edit a doc/xls file in Writer/Sheet and save the changes, it automatically gets reflected in the Zoho Projects 'Documents' section as a new version! An example of how the option looks like below :

The other major area we'd concentrated on this update is that of logging time & how you see your work calendar. You can now have a consolidated calendar view of all your projects (under 'My Home' -> 'My work calendar'). And there are filtered views too - By User, By Project, By Tasks, By Milestones etc.

The 'work calendar' also has the iCal subscription option at the bottom. You can subscribe to this HTTP Authenicated feed in your iCalendar and get automatic updates when new tasks get added to your projects, for example.

With the 'log calendar' view, you can now see the total logged time of a user across projects.

And Zoho Projects now allows consolidated export of  the logged hours timesheet for each user across Projects as a xls/csv file.

Generic tasks assigned to 'Any User' can now be logged by the user(s) who'd done them.

Other than the above, the UI of the 'Forums' section has been improved as well. Try the latest Zoho Projects and we would love hearing your feedback.

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