Zoho Docs: Reviews, Dashboard & Advanced Search

One of the important aspects of online collaboration is easy peer reviewing of one’s work. Zoho Docs as an online collaboration tool now provides a couple of reviewing features. Your colleagues can add comments to a file uploaded by you. And they can add their ratings to the file too.
Having a snapshot of your Zoho Docs account helps. The newly introduced dashboard view does just that. You can see your storage space details (how much storage have you used), recently added documents, recent reviews and documents with the highest ratings.

Another new option introduced in Zoho Docs is advanced search. Instead of using broad search (search all), you can narrow down your search by properties that you may know. Like document name, author name, documents shared to you, documents shared by you, tags, groups & content. Makes your search faster and more relevant.
Check out these new features in Zoho Docs and let us know your views.

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