Zoho as seen by bloggers

Some recent blog posts on Zoho that we came across. From one of the edublogs,

Now this blog is to compare the two leading web based programs, Google and Zoho. Both have the amazing access ability. It is no surprise that Google has developed this online software with their boundless online resources. I am sure Google’s software will only improve, but they have some catching up to do in my opinion to Zoho. I give Zoho the first prize. Zoho Writer contains many of the same familiar. The command bars are very well laid out and easily recognizable. In my opinion easier than Google and easier than MS Word. It can improve if it studies Apple Works…still the best word processor in the industry.

Zoho Sheet beats Google Spreadsheet. The commands are more familiar. It is easier to add columns of numbers, sort names and so forth. It appears to have studied MS Excel to develop its capabilities. That is a smart choice. Apple has the word processor. Microsoft has the spreadsheet.

Zoho Show versus…no equal with Google. Show can easily read and edit any show saved in PowerPoint mode.

I am impressed with the concept. I believe Zoho has the edge in developing online software.

Claire says,

I did Zoho as well as google. I had a lot more fun with Zoho. I love their spreadsheets, and the documents are a lot more fun and clean.

We like the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow” you have at your blog, Claire 🙂

Suresh at Digital Quest observes,

You may have noticed that when you find a link to a document or spreadsheet file in a Google search result, and you click on it, Google offers to open the file using Google docs or Google Spreadsheet. But the problem with Google is that you need to sign-in before you can open the file.

However, with Zoho Quickread you don’t have to be registered to use it. Anyone can open the files using Zoho applications. This is really wonderful.

Thanks, all!

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