SmallBizTrends blog review of Zoho Projects

TJ McCue has a review of Zoho Projects at the Small Business Trends blog. The review should be helpful for small businesses, start-ups looking for a project management tool. Excerpts:

If you have been seeking an affordable project management solution, Zoho Projects is one to consider. It is software-as-a-service, meaning you can sign up instantly and there is nothing to download. Pricing starts at free for one project, with varying price levels up to $80/month for unlimited users/projects.

Keep in mind that Zoho offers an entire suite of tools including Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, and so forth, so you can tie these tools together if you find you like one of them and need more.

The main dashboard, like most SaaS services, centers on what’s happening in your universe. So, all of the updates that people made to a project are summarized here. All of the milestones and tasks are right there for you to see.

The one item I liked best about this meta view is the Search box. Without being technically in my project, I could search and pull up all the references to that project and save myself the time of going to that specific project if all I wanted to see was the top 2-3 items from it.

For the busy small business owner or manager who is probably working from a tight timeline and small budget, Zoho Projects is an intuitive, easy-to-use project manager tool.

Thanks to TJ McCue for the nice review.

UPDATE : Bill Ives at ‘The AppGap’ has a good review on Zoho Projects 2.0 too.

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