New: Session Management & More in Zoho Business

Remember those scenarios where you logged into your online accounts from your friend's computer and you don't remember logging out? To address such scenarios, we previously added the option to remotely sign out of Zoho. This option lets you close all your previous sessions from Zoho Accounts. This option is available for individuals. What about businesses?
We now added this option in Zoho Business. For Businesses, the scenario is different. While individual users can still close their sessions in Zoho Accounts,  in Zoho Business, the administrator can do it for you. For every user within the organization, the administrator can view all the active sessions and has options to close those sessions from Zoho Business Control Panel. 

We also provide additional options for administrator in Zoho Business, like the ability to view the login history of each user, view/change the apps each user has access to etc.  
If you run your business on Zoho Business, the Control Panel section provides many new features offering an easy way to manage your business. 

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