Editing Records In Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator supports multiple ways of editing your data.  You can,
  • Edit records from GUI
  • Edit records through Deluge script
  • Edit records by passing record id in the URL
  • Edit records through Zoho Creator APIs
Edit Records from GUI

You can edit records directly from the Zoho Creator GUI, by selecting the desired record in the view and using the Edit option, to edit the specific record. You can also edit multiple records at a time, using the Bulk Edit option.



Edit Records through Deluge Scripting

You can Fetch and Update records dynamically from Zoho Creator Database using Deluge Scripting. The Fetch record and Update record Deluge task
offers the flexibility to fetch records from the ZC database based on a given criteria and update it with

the given values or with dynamic values and is triggered by form and field actions.

Edit Records by passing record id in the URL

Zoho Creator generates a unique ID for every record that is added to the database. The ID can be displayed in your view by selecting the "ID" field from the "Column Properties" of the View, in Edit mode. The record-edit feature supports to edit individual records via its record ID, by displaying the form with the record details. This makes it easy for users to edit records without having to display the view, navigate to the desired record and then requesting to Edit it.  Refer Editing Records via Record ID for more information.

Edit Records through Zoho Creator APIs

Zoho Creator APIsallow client applications to programatically edit records in a Zoho Creator application. You can use the following methods to edit your records.

Update Record using Rest API - Post method
Update Record using Rest API - Get method
Update Record using XML RPC
Update Record using CSV RPC


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