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As more employees work away from traditional workplaces, it’s important to empower them with office documents they can access on mobile devices. A sales executive who is always on the move will find it easier to build slide decks using his or her iPad than a laptop. Similarly, it makes life simpler for a CXO to fire up presentations on a tablet while at the airport than to wait to get back to the office.

The new era of presentation tools are ones that are equally compatible and powerful on a smaller screen as they are on a larger desktop or laptop screen. And that’s exactly what we’ve given you with the new and improved Zoho Docs Presentation Editor App for iPad and other tablets!

Presentations without barriers.
Build new presentations from scratch or edit existing slides at anytime. With thoughtfully designed themes and templates, the Zoho Docs app lets you create slides that tell any story you want.

Contextual UI with one-click edit.
How often do you struggle to find the right tools to make your edits? They are either inconveniently placed or buried several levels deep. The Zoho Docs app’s clean and user-focused interface ensures quick editing while subtly guiding you through creating awesome slides.

Simply select the object (text, image or shape) and all its relative properties instantly appear on the side panel. You can also add animations and transitions with a single click. The perfect app for beginners and experts.

Snap a picture and use it in your slides.
See something that fits your story? Simply take a picture of it using your iPad or tablet and insert it directly in your presentation. You can also embed images from Flickr and add shapes to bring your ideas to life.

Touch to draw with – gesture recognition.
Zoho Show gives you the power of gesture recognition. Use a stylus or slide your finger across the screen to draw freehand objects. You can twist and turn the shapes, move them around and resize as required. And that’s not all! For your convenience, you can also select multiple objects and modify them simultaneously.

Get the ‘Show’ going.
The Zoho Docs app automatically saves your work and syncs to the cloud. You can simply create a new presentation using your tablet and continue editing it on your laptop or desktop in real-time. Any changes that are made will instantly reflect across all platforms for smart collaboration.

Accentuate slideshow content.
The Zoho Docs App lets you use a slide pen to draw a simple picture, point out key concepts and emphasize slides. Don’t have a slide pen? You can use your finger instead. The highlights will automatically reflect on the screen and project to your audience.

As with all of our products, we are constantly working towards bringing more features on our mobile and web platforms. For example, the ‘Indefinite Undo and Redo’ that lets you go back and repeat a particular step indefinitely or ‘Presenter notes’ that will support you with detailed notes while on the big stage.

We’ll keep you updated on our fascinating new releases. In the meantime try the app and share your experience. Happy presenting!

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