Spot the changes in Zoho Chat

Sound Notification

Due to overwhelming requests from our users, we have composed a new tone for sound notification (to indicate message/online/offline status). Hear it and let us know your feedback. Thanks to our own music director, Ramesh of Zoho Sheet, who made the composition :-)

Message Notification & Smileys

We have tuned the message notification a bit by scrolling the message on the title bar.

Zoho Chat now provides ways to express your emotions through glossy smileys. Don't get surprised if you feel like it has got the ToonDoo flavor since we brought it out of their favor!


Zoho Chat is now available in two more languages other than English. Japanese gets the credit of the first non-English version of Zoho Chat followed by Tamil (I tried my hands on it, don't know whether my Tamil teacher will be happy or worried on hearing this news ;-)). You will find more languages supported in our upcoming updates.

Note: As of now, you need to configure your browser's default language for the corresponding translation. We are in the process of configuring it right inside Zoho Chat. Till then, please stay tuned.


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