Introducing Remote Work: Bring your office into Cliq

Ever wondered what it'd be like to experience working from an office space while also working remotely? With Remote Work on Cliq, you can get the best of both worlds.

Dive in to see how Remote Work gives you an office inside Cliq!

Check in to work and see your team

You can now directly check-in and check out to work from Cliq. It's as simple as swiping your ID when you walk into the office every day. The department view shows you how many from your team are already at work, who's away, and who's currently in a meeting. Just like you walk into the office, walk past your teammates and their workspaces, and know with a glance who's available or busy in a discussion.

Zoho Cliq Remote Work - Department View

Let your team know your availability

When you're working remotely, you're more likely to make your own schedule. You can easily let your team know your availability by updating your status on Cliq. The Remote Work view comes with four statuses for you to choose when you're available for collaboration, engaged with work, having lunch, or taking a short break.

For example, say you're working on something important. Change your status to "Engaged with work," so your co-workers know your schedule and don't expect your immediate attention to anything that's not an emergency.

Zoho Cliq Remote Work Statuses

Auto-timed status updates: sync your status based on your activity across Zoho Apps

Cliq will also update your status based on your current activity across different Zoho Apps, making collaboration even easier. Whether you're in a remote session in Zoho Assist or hosting a meeting in Zoho Meeting, Cliq syncs with these apps to auto-update your status! The lunch and short break statuses are also timed, so you don't have to worry about changing your status once you're back from the break.

Note: Cliq status sync based on activity across Zoho Apps will be available by June 3, 2020.

Auto-sync your status with activity across Apps

Use live feed to see what your co-worker is up to

Live video feed helps you mark your telepresence. Imagine how you'd look at your co-worker's desk to see if they're free before heading over for a quick discussion? Cliq's Live Feed is just the virtual equivalent! You can see what your co-worker is doing, so you know when it's the right time to connect.

Remote Work Live Video Feed

Hop onto an instant group call

There are many situations where talking face-to-face might be better than a message. Use the group call button to pull in stakeholders and get the conversation going. With Cliq and Zoho Notebook's native integration, you can easily take notes during a call and share it directly in chat.

Zoho Cliq - Notebook Integration

Add scheduled calls with groups and team members alike

With the department view, giving a perspective of who's at work, available and busy - you can easily schedule a group call. Scheduled calls on Cliq are completely managed by Zia, the meeting orchestrator. Once a call is scheduled, Zia instantly creates a group chat with all the participants and posts a meeting invite card. You can also easily set up a call with your teammate directly from the chat actions!

Schedule meetings on Cliq

Reports help you understand your team's work hours

Reports give you a comprehensive idea of individual, departmental, and organizational work hours. You can also get a summary of a user or the whole department's work hours, both for each day and over a period of time.

Remote Work in Cliq is also tightly integrated with Zoho People, so if you're using Zoho People as your HRMS, check-in and check-out are reflected in Zoho People's attendance management.

Remote Work Availability Reports

Contextual native integrations across all Zoho Apps

Contextual native integrations help break down information silos. Cliq's integration across different Zoho Apps makes it all the more easier to take action on URLs and work items right from the chat window.

Cliq's contextual integrations across different Zoho Apps

  • Easy document management

    Cliq's integration with Zoho Writer lets you preview, share, or export documents from the document URL shared on chat.

Zoho Cliq - Zoho Writer Integration

  • Effective project collaboration

    How frequently do you have to switch between your project management and collaboration software to keep track of your progress? Wouldn't it be easier if all your project updates were synced in your project channel on Cliq, where all your project discussions live? With Zoho Cliq-Projects integration, you can easily trigger auto-project updates in any chat to keep all stakeholders informed, as well as take action on messages and turn them into project work items.

Zoho Cliq - Zoho Projects Integration

Projects Bot auto updates in Cliq Channels

  • Instant leave approvals

    Workplace collaboration should also integrate with simple workflows like leave requests, asset management, and more. With the Zoho Cliq - People integration, you can view employee profile, navigate across different departments, and easily leave requests become actionable making it simple for you to approve right from your chat window.

Guest Chat: Bring guests into Cliq

It is important to have avenues that allow you to collaborate with external users with ease while also keeping security in mind. Guest access in Cliq lets you invite an external user or a group of external users to be a part of a group conversation. Guest users will be able to send messages, share files, and get on group calls with an invite, without having to sign up!

Guest Chat in Zoho Cliq

Permission-based guest management

Role-based access permissions allow only users tied down to specific roles to create and engage with guest users. Users who have permission to create guest chats and invite guest users also have full permission to manage guests. You can lock a guest chat once its purpose is served or block and remove a guest if necessary. Guest users will not be a part of your Cliq organization and will be able to access only the chat they're invited to be a part of.

Join our live webinar

We'll be talking about how Remote Work can give you an office inside Cliq. Join our live webinar to get a walkthrough of all the new updates!

As more businesses become accustomed to this new normal of remote work, it's important that the tools you use are up-to-date. Remote Work in Cliq is here to make a difference for teams working remotely. If you haven't tried it out, go ahead and take Cliq for a spin today. Zoho Cliq's unlimited version will be available for all businesses for free until August 31st, 2020. We wish this is of help to all teams.


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