A closer look at Zoho Cliq's collaboration boosters

A closer look at Zoho Cliq's collaboration boosters

As many individuals now work from home, hub offices, and other convenient workspaces, the demand for seamless collaboration has become more critical than ever. To avoid communication hiccups and potential misunderstandings, organizations now seek communication apps equipped with features to facilitate smooth interactions. 

In response to this need, Zoho Cliq has recently introduced a range of features tailored to support simple organization-wide communication. Let's delve into the significance of effortless communication in a hybrid work setting and discover the Zoho Cliq enhancements that promote team collaboration and efficiency.

User presence updated for all

An essential aspect of collaboration is knowing the right moment to reach out to your colleagues. Understanding your colleagues' availability at work streamlines communication, reduces delays, and fosters a more productive environment.

In the past, staying informed about your team members' availability was inconvenient, as it was only possible to view their status if they were in your contacts list. With the latest updates in Cliq, you no longer need to manually add everyone to your contacts to know their availability. Discover who's available, idle, or in a meeting without the added step of building a hefty contact list. This makes initiating conversations, sharing updates, and coordinating tasks with your colleagues easier. User presence saves time, ensuring that work progresses smoothly, even in a hybrid or remote work setting.

Setting an out-of-office response

You've probably been there: You're on vacation but spending a lot of time informing teammates that you're on leave and won't be available for the next few days. This is where the out-of-office responder comes to the rescue. When you're ready to leave, you can set the auto-response in your Cliq account. Whether it's a vacation, a few days of sick leave, or a lengthy business trip, this feature is your ally in keeping your team informed about your availability. You can set a customized message, specify the date and time range, and leave the rest to Cliq.

 Pin multiple messages 

Critical information doesn't always come neatly wrapped in a single message. Sometimes, it's scattered across a conversation, spanning two or three messages. Whether those messages pertain to the same or different topics, it's important to keep critical information at the top to ensure that no one misses any key details.

That's where the ability to pin multiple messages helps you. This new addition enables you to easily select and pin multiple messages in a chat or channel, creating a centralized hub for critical information. Whether it's a project update, key takeaways from a meeting, or organization-wide announcements, pinning multiple messages ensures that you and your team can swiftly access the information you need without the hassle of sifting through lengthy conversations.

To put it briefly

Zoho Cliq stands at the forefront of simplified collaboration. With its user presence updates, out-of-office responses, and the ability to pin multiple messages, Cliq caters to the current workforce's range of needs. It paves the way for more efficient and productive teamwork, ensuring that work progresses seamlessly, irrespective of the hybrid or remote environment.


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