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Gain in-depth knowledge about features and learn basic steps with our user guide and glossary.

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Sell tickets online & offline, manage registrations, & accept secure payments.

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Mobile Apps

Comprehensive guides with step by step instructions to help you get around Zoho Backstage's mobile apps.

Using the Organizer App
Using the Attendee App



Explore our guide with simple instructions and get started with BadgeUp to design badges for your event.

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Connect Zoho Backstage with your favourite tools to automate tasks & enhance functionality.

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Sign up for webinars to talk to our experts about how you can use Zoho Backstage to make your event exceptional, from the planning stages to the follow-up.

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Read the latest from the Zoho Backstage team and our user community.

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Join the discussion with other users in the Zoho Backstage community to learn about new product features or get helpful tips and tricks.

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Help Videos

Our brief videos will help you understand how to make the best use of Zoho Backstage.

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The Green Room

Get to know the latest trends, cutting-edge event technologies, MICE industry insights, and expert perspectives.

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Request For Demo

Get a complete walkthrough of Zoho Backstage to run successful events.

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In-depth guides and must-know information on topics that define event management.

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