Connect to experience.

Set the stage for your event.

Add engagement to your event experience. Your website and mobile application will act as an in-person guide while you run your show from one place. Your attendees can register with a simple check-in, follow live announcements on their screen and personalize their agenda.

Connect to experience.

Digital tour guide.

Information is power; bring all your event info to your attendees' smartphones. Your mobile interface will tell them how to get to your event venue, where each session is going to be, when a session is about to start, who's talking and more. Be virtually present beside every attendee and walk them through your event.

Easy roll call.

Start your event on time. Cut tedious registration hours with easy attendee enrollments on event day. Let your guests pass in two simple clicks: search and check-in. Take a quick peek at the attendee list on your dashboard at any time.



Connect the dots.

People bond over their ventures, passions and interests. "Discussions" is a messaging platform on the event page that provides your speakers, attendees, and yourself a place to easily connect with each other.

Connect the dots

Make announcements in real-time.


Encourage the exchange of ideas in dedicated channels.


Build relationships through public and private channels.

Freedom to personalize.

One agenda doesn't fit all. Attending your entire selection of sessions could leave your guests running in circles. Allow them to pick sessions and draw up a custom schedule for the event day. Let them tune their agenda to resonate with their interests.

Freedom to personalize

Turn learning into a two-way street.

Zoho Showtime, a presentation delivery tool, is integrated right into Zoho Backstage so you can make your sessions come to life. Speakers can upload their presentations beforehand, calm their nerves with a rehearsal and present with confidence on the podium. Transform monologues to dialogues at no cost.

Turn learning into a two-way street

Earn "hearts" and win minds with each slide.


Project and answer questions posed by the audience.


Gather opinions using polls and present the results.


Get overall feedback at the end of the session.

Create an experience for everyone to remember.

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