Zoho Backstage helps La French Tech México automate their event management process

About La French Tech México

La French Tech México is an association to help promote the ecosystem of French entrepreneurs in Mexico. One of their objectives is to facilitate networking among members to generate business and opportunities of value. To foster their community, they have monthly events to share ideas, and monitor disruptive digital technologies.


Successfully running an event involves accomplishing a wide range of tasks, like sending invitations, promoting the event, managing speakers, building an engaging agenda, and much more. In other words, it involves doing the right things at the right time. But doing the "right thing" needs a workforce of significant size. So what can an organisation do when there are very few able to lend a helping hand?

"A team of six was responsible for putting together an amazing show this year. In fact, for last year's event, there were only two people entrusted with organizing our event."

Another dimension to the people problem is delegating responsibilities. A volunteer on the event day could be allowed to check in registrants or put out announcements. They don't, however, need access to edit the event website. Similarly, an organizer who helped with one event doesn't need to be part of another event.

We used Backstage to organize our second anniversary. It helped us gather more than 450 guests to celebrate this event with us. We were able to have a landing page, display the agenda, manage ticketing, show sponsor support, and assign role-based access to our team. We'll surely use it for all our regular events now.Christophe Méndez, Co-founder

Event planning automated

Mr. Méndez discovered Backstage when he was looking for an online event management platform that could help his growing team pull off a successful event. He found the ability to add members of his team directly to Backstage very useful.

"We had two admins at first and then we incorporated two staff members only for marketing purposes. I believe that having the means to put together a team to oversee the event organization is a tremendous asset!"

With Backstage, Mr. Méndez created an event website and sold tickets directly to attendees, who also received emails with detailed instructions. All this ensured that his team was able to get tasks done in time for the big day.

"Backstage helped us remove a lot of the manual work. We had a website that provided us with a digital identity. We were also able to display the agenda and our sponsors list."

Highlighting the importance of measuring event effectiveness, Mr. Méndez said, "The dashboard was helpful in understanding how many tickets were being sold, and how complete our event website was. We were able to constantly track important metrics and take suitable action based on the information available to us." There was also an observable increase in overall productivity because it provided a single window where all important activities, like republishing the event website, viewing attendee details, getting tickets sold information, and more, could be found.

"Backstage truly helps event organizers grow their event. The challenges of running big events are easily overcome with features designed to solve them. We're surely going to use Backstage for all our upcoming events."

We wish Mr. Méndez the best in his future events.

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